Monday, September 3, 2012

Explore Next Door - Guggenheim Museum

The Class of 2016 had two perfect days to see New York City as part of our Explore Next Door trips during Welcome Week.  I had the pleasure of taking 17 students to visit the Guggenheim museum on Saturday, September 2nd and along the way, the student learned the following from me:
  • Buy your tickets before boarding in order to avoid surcharges on the LIRR.
  • Walk fast like a New Yorker, especially when boarding a subway train (a few students almost got left behind on the platform as the doors of 2 train closed).
  • The main roads in Central Park are closed to automobile traffic on the weekends, but it still means playing Frogger while crossing in order not to bump into joggers and cyclists.
  • Frank Lloyd Wright was a very pushy architect
Here are some highlights from our trip.


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