Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ready. STEP. Go - The 2013 Hofstra University Walking Challenge

Receive your Free Pedometer from the Fitness Center...Walk on, and Win Prizes with Ready. STEP. Go.

The mission of the challenge is to create an even greater culture of fitness on our campus and encourage the Hofstra University community to realize the importance of physical activity.  

Challenge yourself and contribute towards your fitness level in preparation for Spring Break by simply walking to class or to work! 

Hofstra University students, faculty and staff.
Beginning on Monday, February 11, the 5-week challenge will conclude on Sunday, March 17.
From January 28 through February 8, register in person at the Fitness Center and receive a free pedometer. You must receive your pedometer no later than 8:30 p.m. on Friday, February 8.
Beginning on Monday, February 11, you will walk as much as you can and use the pedometer to track the number of steps taken daily. Clip the pedometer on your waist and simply walk on.

Using the step entry link provided on the web page, each participant will log in daily or weekly, and enter your data into our online log system. You can also report your data to the Center staff via paper form (which you can print out within the step entry page).

All data must be submitted no later than Mondays at 12:00 p.m. The data you enter will represent your Monday through Sunday progress. Failure to submit will jeopardize your eligibility for that week’s random drawing prize. The Fitness Center staff will chart the progress for each individual. It’s that simple!

Everywhere! From outside campus housing or your home, to and from your car, bus or train, to and from your class or work - and everywhere in between!

Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Park further away. Walk to a new place to eat. Walk when on the phone. Walk! Walk! Walk!

Weekly prizes will include a fitness-related gift (water bottles, yoga mats, t-shirts, etc.) and will be distributed to the following participants:
  1. All eligible participants will be entered into a random drawing
  2. The #1 Step Leader for each week – the total numbers of steps throughout the entire week
Weekly drawings will take place on Wednesdays at the Fitness Center at 12:00 p.m.

Weekly winners will be showcased at the Fitness Center as well.
Two Grand Prize winners will be recognized:
  1. The #1 Step Leader for the duration of the event – the total number of steps throughout the entire challenge
  2. The individual who walks the most steps in a single day throughout the duration of the event
Grand prizes include a $150 Gift Card to the Hofstra University Book Store and will be announced on the first day of Spring, Wednesday, March 20 at 12:00 p.m.

*All weekly and Grand Prize winners will be notified via Hofstra email.

DISCLAIMER: All information entered is based upon the honor system. Submitting false data is cheating the challenge and yourself.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

ATTENTION HOFSTRA STUDENTS: A Reminder about Flu Vaccines

To all our students, welcome back!!

With the early arrival of flu season across the country and in New York, Hofstra University is urging students to take preventive measures to protect their health. Don’t let the flu interrupt your busy schedule: be wise and get immunized! A shipment of vaccinations just arrived this afternoon. Immunization costs only $10 for students, $20 for Faculty and Staff. Call us and make an appointment at 516-463-6745, or go to our website for more info.

- Lorenzo Izzo, Nurse Practitioner, Hofstra Health & Wellness Center

Welcome Back from The Career Center!

Hello and Welcome Back from The Career Center! We all hope you had a great break filled with rest, relaxation and fun.  But now, back to work! And by work I don’t just mean your schoolwork.  I also mean your career work - the work of career exploration, professional development and internship and job search.

While that last sentence might scare you, those are the things that we at the Career Center get excited about, and what we can help you with!

We have so many great events planned for this semester. Don’t be left out while everyone else is landing that perfect internship, networking with career professionals and creating a fantastic resume.

How, you ask, can you take advantage of all of these great opportunities? Well, for starters you can join The Career Center for our CAREER KICK-OFF, which is taking place on Wednesday, February 6th from 11-1 in the Student Center Atrium.  Come by to talk to us about how we can help you, and at the same time join us for a FREE CUP OF STARBUCK’S coffee. As if that weren’t enough, the first 100 students that come over to chat with us will receive a free Hofstra Career Center scarf, perfect for those long, cold walks across campus.

Don’t waste time this semester.  Visit our office, “like’ us on Facebook, connect with us on LinkedIn, follow us on Twitter.  And of course, don’t forget to stop by for a coffee on February 6th, we’ll be waiting!
Darlene Johnson, Senior Associate Director, The Career Center

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Student Counseling Groups and Workshops

Welcome back everyone, it’s nice to see you all back on campus for the Spring semester! Student Counseling services has been busy over the break planning events, groups and getting started with presentations and workshops around campus. Just last week one of our senior staff members, Dr. Daniel Rinaldi had the opportunity to meet with international students to discuss adjusting to life in America as part of the upcoming Living in America series. Over the course of the Spring semester, Dr. Rinaldi will be collaborating with the Office of Multicultural and International Student Programs for this continuing workshop series that will include discussions about such topics as dating, homesickness and cultural identity concerns.  

We’ve also had the chance to establish our groups for the semester and we are excited to get them started. Some topic areas include our ever popular Mindfulness Meditation group as well as our Social Connections group, among others. For a complete list of groups and workshops including dates, times and locations please visit our website. We hope to see you at one or more of our upcoming events this semester!

Friday, January 25, 2013

An International Welcome - Hofstra Style

For the past couple of weeks, the Hofstra Community has greeted more than 60 new international students who arrived to start their studies at Hofstra next week.

The Multicultural and International Student Programs Office (MISPO) partnered with various departments across campus to put together a comprehensive orientation program for the students.

Topics included instructions on how to maintain their immigration status, how to stay safe and well, cultural adjustment, resources for academic success and tips on keeping the integrity of academic work. Students also had the opportunity to go on a shopping trip to get needed supplies, make friends at the International Mixer, and learn some traditional U.S. games at a game night.

The international orientation does not end with this week. A Living in America series and an International Q&A series will continue to provide students with information to aid the new international students with their intercultural journey at Hofstra. For more information: 

Thank you to the volunteers, administrators, and staff who made this week possible!

Fraternity and Sorority Presidents' Retreat

Hofstra’s Fraternity & Sorority Life community spent the past two days working together on the Presidents' Leadership Retreat.  The council executive board members and organization presidents discussed key topics on how to improve their community including recruitment, philanthropy, leadership development, anti-hazing policies, and positive Greek image. Fraternity & Sorority leaders had the opportunity to make new connections with fellow community leaders and plan events for the upcoming semester together.  They also worked together to create a mission statement for all of Fraternity & Sorority Life.  Each organization wrote and discussed their purpose and mission statement and then as a whole, the group developed common themes to formulate their mission statement.  It reads, “the goal of the Hofstra Greek community is to support leadership growth by providing opportunities and unity among members while giving them experiences in philanthropy, scholarship, and lifelong friendships.”  Fraternity &Sorority leaders came up with an idea to unify the community and showcase their pride to the Hofstra community by wearing letters to represent all of their organizations on the same day.  The Spring 2013 semester holds a great deal of potential for Hofstra’s Fraternity & Sorority Life community and we are excited to see the students’ goals put into action! If you are interested in learning more about Greek Life stop by one of the Spring open houses. On February 6th and 7th in Hofstra USA between 7pm and 10pm come by and meet the men of IFC and on February 11th join the ladies of Panhellenic at Hofstra USA between 7pm and 10pm.
Presidents and Council E-board members at the Spring 2013 Leadership Retreat
Written by Mario Bolanos, assistant director, Office of Student Leadership and Activities

Spring Semester 2013

Welcome back! We hope you’re ready for an exciting spring semester. There’s lots going on, and lots of ways for you to get involved. Here are a few ways to keep up on the latest doings on campus:

Explore Next Door - The Office of Student Leadership and Activities hosts Explore Next Door, a series of FREE trips open to all undergraduate students to introduce you to all the cultural wealth of New York City. Check out a baseball game, a Broadway show, the ballet or take a trip to the Bronx Zoo.

Office of Student Activities and Leadership – Student-organized events are always taking place around campus.  Make sure to check out Collegiate Link for the list of student events and keep your eyes on OSLA’s webpages for more information.

Student Life Calendar – You can now search the Hofstra calendar by topics.  Searching by topics like “Student Life” can give you all the information for what’s going on around campus.

Hofstra University and Student Life on Facebook – Like Hofstra on Facebook and you can stay up to date on all events and announcements.

Academic Deadlines and Dates – Stay in the know for all academic deadlines, school holidays closings and other important information.

All of us here at Hofstra are looking forward to what the Spring Semester will bring.  We are excited to welcome the student body back to Hofstra, and look forward to see you all around campus at this semester’s exciting events!
-Colin Sullivan, Assistant Director of Public Relations

What to Bring for Spring

So, you're just about to head back to campus for the spring semester. Are you sure you have everything you need? Let's face it, winter can be pretty harsh on Long Island and sometimes spring is just as bad, so here are a few helpful reminders in case there's something you may have overlooked.

  1. No one wants to slosh into class or feel the snow through their sneakers, so a nice pair of boots is a great thing to have on hand when rough weather starts to hit campus.
  2. If you're lucky enough to have a car, bring an ice-scraper and shovel. The snow can be brutal and you definitely don't want to be out there digging out your tires or cleaning your windows with your bare hands, especially when it gets icy.
  3. Speaking of icy weather, you should bring along some extra winter wear (a coat, scarf, gloves, etc.) for whenever you're walking around campus. You wouldn't want to be caught in the February cold without it.
  4. Another important item to carry with you is a flashlight. The interior of a car, for example, gets pretty dark after a snowstorm so, again, if you have to clear your windows after a storm, a flashlight would allow you to find that ice scraper much more easily than if you had to grope around in the dark. Even if you don't have a car on campus, a flashlight is handy should the power ever go out at the residence halls, or if you need to find something in the middle of the night without waking your roommate. Plus, there are plenty of apps for your smartphone that can do the job just as well as (in some cases better than) standard flashlights.
  5. It would also be best to bring along an umbrella--I know this sounds obvious, but having one handy may save you a morning rush in the rain and a wait in line at the bookstore. You don't want to risk getting drenched or being late to class simply because you decided to keep the rain gear at home.
  6. It won't be all rough weather this spring. So, once we make it through the rain and snow, you're going to want to make sure you have some sunscreen and short-sleeved shirts so you can take a break between classes and catch some rays on the quad.
These are only a few suggestions as you prepare to transition back to a regular academic schedule, but they should help make that transition a little smoother. Welcome back and here's wishing you all a healthy, happy Spring 2013!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bring it On!

The Hofstra University Cheer and Dance teams brought a ton of Hofstra PRIDE, in addition to their amazing skills and talents to the 2013 UCA & UDA College Cheerleading and Dance Team National Championship in Orlando, Florida this past weekend. Both teams worked hard throughout the year and over their mid-year break to prepare for this competition, and their hard work paid off. The teams return to Hofstra as both national and world champions! The Cheer Team took home the national title for the fifth year in a row and the Dance Team is the reigning hip hop champion for the second year in a row. See below for a full list of their results, and click here to view a video of their performances.

It was amazing to watch these teams in action- they were clearly outstanding in all of their categories. It was also wonderful to see the Hofstra fan support. Families and friends brought their Hofstra PRIDE, sported the blue and gold, and cheered until they were hoarse for their loved ones competing. The Hofstra cheering section was one of the loudest ones present.

Huge congratulations and thanks to the men and women on the Cheer and Dance Teams and their coaches for representing Hofstra so well and making us all proud. Go PRIDE!

Hofstra Cheer Team
2013 College Cheerleading Championship
*Partner Stunt All Girl (1st place)
*Small Coed Division I (1st place)
2013 World University Cheerleading Championships
*All Girl Group Stunt (1st place)

Hofstra Dance Team
2013 College Dance Team Championship
*Division I Hip Hop (1st place)
*Division I Jazz (2nd place)
2013 World University Cheerleading Championships
*Dance Team Doubles Jazz (1st place)
*Dance Team Jazz (2nd place)

From Hofstra Debate to the Inauguration

I found out about my credentialing for President Barack Obama’s second inauguration less then a week prior to MLK Jr. day. It was an even shorter time span when I found out I would be given Debate Hall access and taking pictures of President Barack Obama and former governor Mitt Romney during the Presidential Debate at Hofstra. Needless to say some amazing opportunities have been thrown my way. That is not to say that I didn’t put myself in a position to experience these things. 
This chapter of my experience at Hofstra started through Student Affairs. I was hired last summer to produce various videos by the lovely Director of Communications for Student Affairs, Kerri Totorella.  It was Kerri who recommended me to work for the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) as a videographer. This was a great experience, filled with unbelievable content that I could never dream of capturing with my camera.  As we all know, during the Presidential Debate this campus was so hot it was on fire and being able to document that was unbelievable.  While covering the debate I made a connection through the senate.  Through this networking, he was able to get me inside the Mack Sports and Exhibition Complex on October 16, 2012 and he was also able to offer me an amazing opportunity and get me a prime position to cover the Inauguration.

Washington DC, during the inauguration was seriously crazy! It was legitimately the biggest crowd I had ever seen in one area at a single time. I was fortunate enough to be standing in the lawn of the Capital building. From this position I was able to see the tsunami of people behind the reflection pool inside the National Mall. After experiencing these two huge political events my path in the field of photography has gotten a little clearer. I will be opening a gallery of my prints as well as the prints of a friend and fellow Hofstra Student Zach Litif from February 14 through the 22 in Calkins and have included a few samples of my work here. Stop by and check it out.

-Harrison Knowles, Class of '13

Top 10 Resolutions for the Career-Minded Student in 2013

1. Meet with a career counselor in order to explore and determine my career goals/direction, and how my major relates to the transferrable skills I would like to acquire in the job market and a prospective career! 

2. Have my resume reviewed by The Career Center to make sure I am marketing my skills effectively, and presenting myself in a meaningful and professional way to prospective employers.

3. Get an internship through Pride-CMS, or other Career Center resources that will serve as a hands on experience within my given field, and serve as a resume builder.

4. Go to the job and internship fairs on campus this semester to better strengthen my interview skills, network in person, and connect with various employers.

5. Attend at least three Career Center events to become more knowledgeable about all of the services that are available to me.

6. Have my cover letter reviewed by The Career Center. An effective cover letter aligns your transferrable skills with the desired skills for the specific position you are applying for.

7. Set up my LinkedIn profile and summarize my professional experience, interests, and capabilities, in order to assist in meaningful networking.

8. Read The Career Center blog regularly for useful tips on landing my desired job or internship, and useful advice on various career related topics.

9. Practice effective and meaningful interview skills to present myself effectively to an employer. Take advantage of the mock interview service offered by The Career Center by scheduling an appointment
10. Take advantage of internship opportunities available through Pride-CMSOCR,, and other Career Center resources to build my resume, and make myself more marketable in a competitive job market!

Lauren Behr, Assistant Director, The Career Center