Friday, February 27, 2015

2015 Hofstra Student Leadership Awards - April 29th, 2015

The time has come to nominate recipients for the Hofstra Student Leadership Awards (HSLA) 2015!  This is an annual opportunity to recognize all of the hard work and amazing accomplishments of our student leaders throughout the year. 

This year it is our goal to receive more nominations than we have ever had before and that starts with you all!

If you would like to nominate a student club, student leader, or a club advisor please visit this link:  For a description of all the awards please visit All nominations are due on Thursday, April 2nd

Engaging with the World as a Global Mentor

Being a Global Mentor is like tasting little pieces of the world without ever having to get on a plane, and, as a sufferer of the infamous travel bug, it is one of the most rewarding experiences of my Hofstra career so far.

Mentoring, like any multicultural occasion, is a combination of give and take. Not only did I attempt to impart my Hofstra knowledge on the new students, (which mostly consisted of the secrets to the LIRR) I also wanted to learn from them, about their culture, their language and anything really that they would share with me.

As an international student myself, going in, one of my hopes was to somehow help new students make Hofstra their home away from home. Coming from Zimbabwe I feel like I can relate to all the new international students because we experience a lot of similar things when coming to Hofstra, which made being a mentor sort of like helping “young me.” Taking everyone into Manhattan for the first time and experiencing Fall Fest and generally helping the mentees find clubs and organizations on campus that they would be interested in, is a lot easier through the global mentor program. We build relationships with our mentees, where they feel comfortable enough with us to ask for help. As a biochemistry major, I was also able to help some of my fellow science majors in their studies, advising them on textbooks and what to expect with different classes.

I must say that one of my favorite parts of being a global mentor is the people I get to work with. As mentors, we spend a lot of time together not only throughout orientation, but also during training, so it is no surprise that we have become good friends, who to this day still hangout whenever we can! All in all, being a global mentor is more than simply helping new international students acclimate to the United States, it's about gaining two new groups of amazing friends that you would never have had the chance to meet otherwise!

Guest Blogger:
Muthoni Mahachi
Biochemistry and Fine Arts Major
Global Mentor Fall 2014 and Spring 2015

The Fall 2014 Global Mentor team
The Global Mentor program is a part of Hofstra's Peer Mentor Initiative. Both international students and domestic students are encouraged to apply.

Apply for our next group of Peer Mentors!

3 tracks to choose from:
•         Commuter Mentors 
These mentors work with new commuter students. For more information, contact
•         Global Mentors
These mentors work with new international students. For more information, contact
•         Involvement Mentors
These mentors work with new residential students. For more information, contact

Apply online today! Applications are due Friday, March 6, 2015!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Get Up Close With a Job Shadow

Are you facing any of these career conundrums?

I wonder what the job options are in xyz industry.
What can I do to decide between majors A or B?
I know I’m interested in this area but I don’t know what to do next.
I think I might like a career in xyz but I don’t know how to be sure.

If you are facing any issues like these, then you are ready for a job shadow.  Job shadowing is a career exploration activity that offers an opportunity to spend time with a professional currently working in a career field you are interested in. Job shadowing provides you with an opportunity to see what it’s actually like working in a specific job or industry. Not only do you get to observe the day-to-day activities of someone in the current workforce and have your burning questions answered, it also encourages you to forge strong and valuable connections for future opportunities (i.e. internships).

The timing for a job shadow couldn’t be any better.  The Career Center is offering its first ever job-shadowing program!  The PRIDE Shadowing Program, offered to all first and second year students, is a one-day job shadow scheduled during the week of April 6-10 (this is spring break week so there will be no class conflicts). 

Once you apply, you will be matched based on the preferences listed in your application. No prior experience is necessary; you only need to be interested to sign up!

Here’s how you apply:
All applicants must be a current first or second year Hofstra University student enrolled in classes. The application deadline is March 16th.  To apply, follow these steps:
·      Login to Pride CMS (accessed through the “myapps” feature on the portal).
·      Click on the “Jobs” Tab
·      Type "PRIDE Shadowing Program" in the search box and select Search.
·      Read the description and note all the mandatory dates in your calendar.
·      Click "Apply.”  You must upload a resume onto the system under the “documents” tab to do so.
·      Click on the link in the “How To Apply” section and complete the online form. 

That’s it!  Once you have applied, you will be matched with an employer and notified of your placement on or before March 20th.  Any questions can be sent to me at  You can learn more at  Check it out!

-Deanna Rodin, Associate Director, The Career Center

Friday, February 13, 2015

Strength, Empowerment, Unity - Celebrating Black History Month

Strength. Empowerment. Unity was the theme for this year’s Black History Month and that message definitely flowed through the whole Black History Month Reception that was held yesterday. The Multipurpose Room was filled with music and references to the Black cultural experience in the U.S. There were art pieces, images of Black icons—ranging from James Baldwin to ballerina Misty Copland—and a table for guests to sign and attach their thoughts to a broader quilt that covered the theme of the month.

The program opened with the MC, Mikwaevonn Mills, introducing and explaining the theme and its cultural relevance to the audience. She then introduced the Hofstra’s Gospel Ensemble, who led the audience in singing the Black National Anthem, “Lift Every Voice.”  After the gospel ensemble, Ms. Mills then introduced our wonderful speaker for the occasion, Dr. Gloria Browne-Marshall.

Dr. Browne-Marshall expounded on the theme, breaking down the current generation’s need for Strength, empowerment, and unity. She called the students “the next great generation” and urged them to remember the sacrifices of the past protesters and leaders. The audience sat engaged as Dr. Browne-Marshall flowed in and out of the past historical movements, previous legislation and tied everything into the current climate of protest and youth engagement.  She ended her speech with letting everyone know, the new and the older generations, that everyone has a place in the process for change and that everyone has the responsibility to strengthen, empower, and to unite each other.

After the speech, Gloria Browne-Marshall then took questions from the audience. Students, staff, and community members asked questions that were eloquently answered by Dr. Browne-Marshall.

Visit the MISPO website to find out more about other Black History Month events.

 To partake in the Hofstra Black History Month discussion through social media, use #BLKHistoryHU

Guest Blogger, Jason Spradley
Graduate Student, Rhetoric, 2016
Multicultural and International Student Programs Office, Graduate Assistant

Thursday, February 12, 2015

I’m With the Band:The Pep Band Experience

Hofstra Pep Band leadership retreat, August 2014
From the first day I started in the pep band, I grew attached to the numerous "crowd pleasers" and pop songs that we played. Week after week, I have played them over and over again since freshmen year, but they never became old. That is not always the case in an ensemble, but with the pep band, there’s always a great level of excitement in everything we do. This year, the band was challenged with a tremendous number of new songs and I was amazed by the level of dedication of each member to learn them. Over my four years here, I have watched this band grow enormously and I could not be more proud to be a part of it.

My first year at Hofstra, the pep band quickly became my family away from home. The bonds and
Playing at the Mack Sports Arena
friendships that develop within this ensemble every year never cease to amaze me. Here we are, all different years, majors, backgrounds and personalities, but we share the common love of our band experiences. The pep band has become the perfect place for anyone who wants to continue or start again with their instrument, so we have had quite the array of people through the years. Regardless of our differences, enthusiasm and respect have not been hard to come by with this motley crew and it makes being a captain one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had.

Written by Tina Wildrick '15, Hofstra Pep Band Captain

The Pep Band is a student run band which has close to fifty members. They support Hofstra spirit at Admissions and Athletics events as well as traditional events on campus such as Hofstra Celebrates the Holidays and Welcome Week. The Pep Band travels to the CAA Basketball Tournaments each year representing the Hofstra community.