Thursday, July 24, 2014

Essence of Place Exhibit  
               Don Resnick
Continues until August 15, 2014
Hofstra University 
Emily Lowe Gallery

We’ve all wished for a quick escape to a place of absolute peace, especially if you find yourself in a bustling city like the big apple or its equally fast paced suburban neighbors. How about going somewhere nearby that promises to invoke a quiet and tranquil atmosphere?

The Hofstra University Museum is currently hosting an exhibit of an internationally known landscape artist known as Don Resnick. The “Essence of Place” exhibit contains works by the artist that are set in coastal areas, influenced by his home on Long Island along with Maine, where he went on vacation.

The exhibit features a digitally scanned copy of one of Resnick’s sketch books, a fun game called “The Great Art of Caper” and iPods with playlists of the music that inspired the artist himself to paint these serene, colorful, and soothing works of art.

This exhibit is a true testament to the museum’s commitment to display works of Long Island artists and, according to Beth Levinthal, Executive Director of the Hofstra Museum, “speaks to protecting and preserving the beauty of Long Island through canvases that provide us with moments of quiet tranquility, or that burst with infinite majesty.”

Don Resnick (American, 1928 - 2008), Marshes, 1983, Oil on linen, 40 x 50 in. Gift of David Resnick and Iwonka Piotrowska, Hofstra University Museum Collections, HU2009.9 (c) Don Resnick. (Above)
Don Resnick (American, 1928), Sketchbook, Ink on paper, nd. Courtesy of the Estate of Don Resnick (Right) 

Written by Rosa Mannino

Thursday, July 10, 2014

2013-2014 Social Club of the Year: Entertainment Unlimited

This post is the first in a series highlighting the accomplishments of the organizations that have received the honor of being chosen as one of the 2013-2014 Clubs of the Year.

       Entertainment Unlimited had an exciting and successful year, full of fun trips & events for all Hofstra students! Every weekend, we provided free movies to students in the Student Center Theater, ranging from popular Oscar winning films to throwback favorites, and even offered a full concession stand of candies, drinks & popcorn! On Oscar Night, we even threw an Oscar viewing party, complete with free food, sparkling cider, a photo booth and prizes! In addition, every Friday at 4 p.m., we gave away free food to students, which was a big hit! Throughout the year, we offered a variety of fun trips for students, some of which were free and others ranging in cost from $5-$25. Some of our most popular trips among students included Once on Broadway, Six Flags Great Adventure, Kinky Boots on Broadway & a Yankee Game!

         In addition to regular on-campus programs, Entertainment Unlimited planned and executed some really cool special events for Hofstra students to enjoy. In addition to our yearly Burlesque Show in Hofstra USA, we added a Casino Night to the calendar. Many students came to the event, and enjoyed a free hot food buffet, a raffle that included an iPad, and a variety of Casino games taught to them by professional dealers! It was a night not to be missed! In May, we also worked together with Hofstra Concerts to plan Hofstra Music Fest, a yearly music festival held on the intramural fields that is free for all Hofstra students. Thousands of students came out to hear Young the Giant, SZA, ASTR & Vic Mensa rock the stage. In addition to the music, there was also a free barbeque & Red Bull, air brush tattoos, and inflatables, like a giant slide and obstacle course. This is by far our most popular event of the year, and everyone had a great time!

          If you are interested in taking part in the planning of trips and events like this, be sure to stop by our meetings every Wednesday night at 8 p.m. in room 143 of the Student Center. In addition, make sure to like us on Facebook (Entertainment Unlimited), as well as follow us on Twitter, Instagram & Vine (@HofstraEU) to keep up with our busy calendar of trips & events!

Guest Student Blogger: Taylor Sinkway, Vice President of Entertainment Unlimited

Monday, July 7, 2014

Hofstra Hall Makeover

On my first day at Hofstra, I was taken on a campus tour by a soon-to-be junior who proudly showed off all of Hofstra’s finest facilities (including where you can get a spectacular view of New York City…stay tuned!).  I was quite impressed with the modern technology of the classrooms as well as the resources available to students.

After living in Italy for 4 years, I have become utterly fascinated with history and very partial to any structure or artwork that can tell me a great story. It wasn’t surprising to me that I would fall in love with the original building of the university; what my tour guide described as “The home of Mr. and Mrs. Hofstra,” Hofstra Hall. As I looked at the quaint, white, Quaker-like building under renovation, I knew I wanted to dig deeper.

I learned William Hofstra was born in Holland, Michigan and had been previously divorced before he married his second wife around 1895. Kate Mason Williams was a widow and 7 years older than Will. After they were married they moved to New York.  They were a wealthy and generous family that sustained their reputation alongside the Vanderbilts, the Astors and other noteworthy families of the time.

Hempstead, Long Island was a great transportation hub in the early 1900s, which made it easily accessible to New York City and the ideal location to build a spacious estate to house Mr. Hofstra’s collection of luxury cars and Mrs. Hofstra’s horses, cats, dogs, and parrot.  Hofstra Hall, referred to by the family as “The Netherlands”, was built for Mr. and Mrs. Hofstra and completed in 1904.

In 1935, two years after Kate’s death, the home became New York University’s Nassau College- Hofstra Memorial.  There were 159 day students and 621 evening students, who were for the most part Long Island locals.  The college progressively grew and became Hofstra University on March 1, 1963.  Today, the building is home to administrative offices including Development/Alumni Affairs, General Counsel and University Relations.

The aesthetics of the building as well as the layout and structure are almost identical to its original blueprint. Some changes and repairs have been made through the years. However, the largest renovation started recently in April 2014. The roof has been replaced and construction for a new stoop, new double panned windows, and all-new white vinyl cedar shack siding has already begun. All of the work is taken care of by Hofstra’s very own craftsmen from the Facilities department.   Additional measures have been taken to ensure the building is more energy efficient, long lasting, and that the aesthetic appeal holds true to the memory and legacy left by Mr. and Mrs. Hofstra.

The renovations are expected to be completed by the end of July. Stay tuned for photographs of Hofstra Hall’s final makeover!

Photographs and research courtesy of Hofstra University Archives .  

-Rosa Mannino

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Hofstra Versus Zombies: Spreading Infectious Fun in a Prestigious Campus

Members posing before entering into battle
Casey Reardon, awarded the
“Alex Demarest” Award in Spring 2014
On a campus so oriented toward helping you succeed academically, it’s nice to have a social club dedicated to providing fun events for students on campus. Welcome to Hofstra University versus Zombies, a club that is not only designed to bring the horde of undead to Hofstra’s doorstep, but is also an excellent opportunity for students of all majors to come together and have an amazing time during their college years. We are the Nerf and zombie experts here at Hofstra University and we provide lots of fun activities outside of class. One thing that really makes our club special is the game of Humans versus Zombies that we host every semester.  Humans versus Zombies (aka HvZ) is a five day game of survival tag that begins on Wednesday and continues until Sunday. There is no break, meaning that human players must watch their backs during both the day and night. A human is marked by a bandanna on their arm or leg while a zombie is identified with a bandanna on their head. During the first 48 hours of the game, an original zombie lurks around the Hofstra campus to “infect” (tag) other players in the game. During this time, human players are not allowed to defend themselves and the original zombie is unmarked within the crowd, meaning that players must find alternative routes to their classes and residence halls. Once the appropriate time has passed, the game enters a "free play" mode. players that were infected become a part of the undead horde while humans can now defend themselves with Nerf blasters and/or sock flails. Players then participate in five missions during free play. Those who are still human must fight off the zombie horde until the end while those who are infected join the horde and try to infect former friends. One of the greatest aspects of Hofstra versus Zombies is that players begin to work with each other to "survive" against the undead, making long lasting friendships as well as fun stories to share outside of class. This brings our club together and turns our meetings into community gatherings that become one of the highlights of club membership for many people. 
In addition to Hofstra versus Zombies, we also host social gatherings such as Thankskilling, HUvZ Night Out, Zombie Ball, and much more. We are the largest club on campus with 213 members and are always welcoming more every semester. Suggestions for new events and ways to improve are always welcome and we are willing to accommodate our members with any time restrictions they may have. Personally, I cannot stress enough the importance of the community we form here at Hofstra versus Zombies. If you don’t believe me, just watch what our members thought of our 2013-2014 academic year.... 

Thank you!
-Sincerely, Sunny Kim '16, Vice President of HUvZ

Three students entering the fray

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

From our Head Orientation Leader...

Orientation Leader Staff 2014
Here we are in the first official week of summer! With it being summer, that means another awesome eight weeks of Hofstra New Student Orientation! Having just wrapped up our second session, our program is in full swing and our lovely O-Staff is so excited to continue to welcome Hofstra's class of 2018! Orientation offers an amazing opportunity for incoming first-year students to make connections here at Hofstra before they get to campus in the fall.  Our program is a vital part of joining student life here at Hofstra. Throughout the three days here, not only will you make friends and connections that will last throughout your four years, but you’ll get hooked up with all of the on-campus resources you could think of! You’ll get to meet with your Advisement Dean who’ll help you create the schedule that’s right for you for your fall semester and every year after, as well as meet with clubs and organizations at our club fair! At orientation, you ‘ll meet a ton of people who are excited to welcome you to Hofstra, and no one will be more excited than your 2014 staff of New Student Orientation Leaders. Our wonderful staff is a group of twenty Hofstra students who are here to help you find your way here at Hofstra, and one of them will be your personal guide  to everything you need to know about Hofstra from the perspective of an experienced student. They are your Hofstra experts, and are willing help you with anything you need! We’re here to make your time here this summer fun, and more importantly, we’re here to ease you into life as a Hofstra student. We’re so excited to be able to show you everything we have planned to welcome this new class to the Pride! See you all soon!
Isaiah Stanley ‘15, Head Orientation Leader
Tuesday Morning Welcome 

Friday, June 20, 2014

Welcome Week 2014...planning away!

Welcome Week Coordinators:
Batson Xiang Li, Nora Heidel,
and Christian Ladigoski
With summer in full swing, Hofstra students are no doubt working hard and keeping busy with their summer jobs, internships, and classes. There is no exception for the student employees in the Office of Student Leadership and Activities. The 2014 Orientation Staff is hard at work facilitating eight summer sessions of New Student Orientation for the Class of 2018 as well coordinating a sensational Welcome Week for the new undergraduate students!
After attending a 3-day long orientation during the summer, new students will be able to look forward to Welcome Week! This is a week-long event that runs from Thursday, August 28th – Monday, September 1st. New and transfer residential students have the opportunity to move in to their residence halls several days before the rest of the student body, and then alongside the commuting and off-campus living members of new class, are able to transition into the community and Hofstra life before the forthcoming new school year begins.
WelcomeWeek is composed of five exciting days of programs which aim to facilitate the Class of 2018’s transition into Hofstra’s academic life, culture, traditions and community, alongside exposing students to the exciting diversity present on campus and in the surrounding areas. The activities occurring within the week will encompass all things Hofstra and will introduce students to the myriad of Hofstra campus resources readily available to them, which can be utilized by everyone! New students will even have the opportunity to head in to the metropolitan New York area over the weekend through the Explore Next Door (END) trips.
Hard at Work
            Beyond END Trips students can anticipate a number of amazing and unique events that will ensure a fun and memorable first week at Hofstra! The New Student Barbecue, Class of 2018 Celebration, and Student Center Boardwalk are only a few of the events planned where new students will have the opportunity to mix and mingle with the "Hofstra Pride". They can also cheer on the Hofstra athletics teams and show their Hofstra pride during any one of the number of sports events scheduled throughout this week. New undergraduates will have chance to see how they can get involved on campus when they meet the over-200 student clubs and organizations at the Welcome Week Club Fair!
Only adding to this unforgettable week, Kwame Anthony Appiah – the author of this year’s Common Reading, The Honor Code, will be on campus to discuss his book and autograph student’s copies.          
As you can see, a fun-filled and outstanding Welcome Week is in the midst of being planned by the student coordinators in the Office of Student Leadership and Activities. So enjoy your summer, we’ll see you in the Fall!
Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to stay updated on our every move!
Submitted By: Nora Heidel, '15

Monday, June 16, 2014

Keeping It 'Fresh'. Summer @ the Fitness Center

As the Summer quickly approaches and is within a few days reach, life at the Fitness Center tends to slow down.  While the activity in the building is quite lighter than the norm this time of year, it becomes the perfect time for the Fitness Center staff to reflect, assess, and brainstorm new ideas for the upcoming academic year.

New events.  New Intramural Sports.  New Club Sports.  New Group Exercise Classes.  New ways to promote events and programs.  New ways to improve all programs.  New ideas to improve the Hofstra Fitness Center, and overall, make this a place where everyone in the Hofstra community can enjoy their experiences to the fullest.  Like our Department Director, Pat Montagano, says, "Keep it fresh!"

With "fresh" in mind, the Department of Recreation & Intramural Sports has already decided that we will feature Indoor Lacrosse as a new Intramural Sport this Fall.  The new sport will be joined by Flag Football, Volleyball, and Indoor Soccer in the Fall.  Additionally, the Department plans to feature tournaments such as the 2nd Annual Hofstra Against Hunger Basketball Tournament and is brainstorming ideas to possibly host Softball, Badminton, Pickle-Ball, and European Handball tournaments.  Perhaps we host a Home Run Derby.  As we plan all of our activities, one of our goals is to have our Club Sports host events as well.  For example, maybe Ice Hockey and Roller Hockey can host a floor hockey shootout or tournament together.  Men's and Women's Ultimate Frisbee can host a tournament.  The Billiards Club.  And so on.

Following our 'test run' of hosting Open Rec Indoor Soccer and Volleyball weekly in the Fitness Center this past Spring, we will determine a new schedule of Open Rec sports we would like to host this upcoming Fall.  While the basketball courts tend to stay busy on a daily basis, even during the summer hours, we would like to continue to offer other Open Rec sports that our patrons can enjoy throughout the academic year.  As for Group Exercise Classes, Zumba currently takes place on Mondays at 5:30pm and Yoga on Wednesdays at 5:30pm until August 13.

We will soon determine the entire class schedule for the upcoming Fall semester.  New classes?  What's a popular new class that we can feature?  More morning classes?  Stay tuned!  

One new feature we began last week takes place during the New Student Orientations on Tuesday nights at the Fitness Center.  As the group of new students visits the facility from 8:00-9:00pm, our club sports members set up informational tables throughout the gymnasium where new students can visit, meet, and speak with members of the club sports that he or she may be interested in.  This is a great way for our clubs to recruit new members and also allows new students to discover new programs that he or she may be interested in joining and develop a relationship with the particular club.

Whatever it may be, our Department wants the participation level to continue to grow.  It is our goal to work with other departments on campus and figure out ways to continually increase the participation in club sports, intramural sports, group exercise classes, events, and Fitness Center facilities.  But, we not only want the participation to increase.  We want to offer quality programs and give everyone a memorable experience.  And, of course, we want to do all of this while keeping it 'fresh'.