Monday, November 25, 2013

Xing & Jing ---- Our first international twins

Xing Jiang and Jing Jiang, the twins from China Hangzhou - Qiandao Lake are our first international twins at Hofstra.  Xing (星) and Jing (晶), the names their father gave them are from Twinkle Twinkle (晶) Little Star (星).  Apple and Berry are their English names.

Different from many other identical twins growing up, Xing and Jing are still dressing the same and using the same products.  They are both majoring in Human Resources Management.  From the outside looking in, everything about them is the same.  However, just because they dress the same and use the same things does not mean they are the same.  They still have different personalities and think differently.

Even though they study the same major, they find their opinions on the topic are different.  Before pursuing their Master’s degree, Xing studied accounting for her bachelor’s degree and Jing studied Korean and Japanese languages.  They said because of their previous majors, when they talk about a classroom topic they always perceive it differently.  Xing has more logical thinking.   
Left is Jing (Berry) and Right is Xing (Apple)

They both agree Xing, the older sister, is the leader most of the time.  Coming to America, Jing followed Xing.  Jing originally planned to go to Japan to study, but Xing does not speak Japanese.  They did not want to separate from each other.  They chose to come to America since they both speak English. However, in daily life Jing is the one choose clothes and other items to buy.  Who decides what to wear on daily basis?  That depends on who gets up earlier!

What if they have different opinions?  Do they argue with each other?  Yes, they do!  They told me that they always argue about small things for hours and nobody understands why.
Left is Jing (Berry) and Right is Xing (Apple)

During our conversation, you could tell that these two sisters love and trust each other.  They told me that if you see them on campus, please say “Hi” and introduce yourself.


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