Monday, May 12, 2014

Do you need a Visa to travel to France?

My Schengen Tourist Visa Story...

I am an international student studying at the School of Communications. I am getting an MFA in Documentary Studies & Production. I'm from China and I wanted to visit my friend in France for the winter break in December.   


I need a Schengen Tourist Visa to visit France because I am a Chinese citizen. I filled out the Schengen Tourist Visa application with the help of my international student advisor, Sonia Fernandes, at MISPO. I needed to schedule an appointment online to apply for the visa at the French Consulate in NYC. The next available appointment was in January 2014 but my flight to France leaves December 27, 2013!  

I did not give up! I went back to my dorm room and pressed F5 to reload the appointment page again and again until Voila an appointment appeared for December 19! I scheduled it immediately I was afraid it would disappear from my computer screen. 

On December 19, I went to the French Consulate in NYC but they denied my visa because I was missing all of my hotel reservations. I felt really depressed but I was not giving up! So I went to MISPO and met with Sonia again to review my application and all of my documents.  

Afterwards, I returned to my dorm room to schedule another appointment with the French Consulate. Once again, I had to press F5 to reload the appointment page again and again. Luckily, an appointment appeared for December 23. 

On December 23, I went to the French Consulate in NYC and they approved my visa! Finally!!! I flew to France on December 27. 

I really enjoyed visiting Europe. It was  a wonderful vacation and it was worth all of the hard work and frustration to get that Schengen Visa!

Here are my pictures....

This is what I learned from my experience....

1. Apply for your visa as soon as possible

2. Don't give up even on the last day

3. Review your application and documents at least 2 times

Thank you again Sonia for helping me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


by Cherry Chaoran Wang


  1. France is a romantic country, Paris is the place I always wanted to go.

    Thanks for sahring!

  2. Paris is a lovely city - so much history, so much to see.. You need a few days only for the Louvre. I've been there with my girlfriend - perfect romantic vacation.