Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Welcome Back Hofstra Cheer & Dance Alumni!

You know being a member of a team is important to Hofstra students when you can watch a large display of alumni participation at a Cheer and Dance Alumni Day event. Every year, the Cheer and Dance Team invite back their alumni for a special combined performance at an Athletic event. This year, our Cheer and Dance Alumni came back on Saturday, November 19th to perform with current team members in a combined halftime performance at the Men’s Basketball game.

It was quite a site to see, as our recent graduates came back, some of them now with a family, to perform in front of our community and even their own children. It was definitely a spirited performance and a memorable day for the Spirit Support Teams.

I’m sure Saturday’s performance will be the talk of the Thanksgiving table for many of our Cheer and Dance Alumni. As for our current team members, well, they’re just thankful for a short break with their families before they begin their home stretch of finals and National’s competition practice!

So enjoy the short break from classes, rest and eat up! We’re all in the fall semester home stretch!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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