Wednesday, May 9, 2012

RA of the Month for April!

Residential Programs would like to congratulate our “RA of the Month” winners for the month of April. The resident directors nominate their outstanding staff members each month in recognition of their hard work and “above and beyond” characteristics. As the end of the year draws closer, it’s a big challenge to keep your academics and your student leadership positions in good balance, and this months’ nominees have proven that they have what it takes to rise above the rest!

RA of the Month: Alex Romano
Alex is a senior marketing major working in Stuyvesant Hall- one of Hofstra’s all first-year residential halls. Alex has done a wonderful job in knowing all of her residents and this shows in many ways. Alex has had many spontaneous programs where she’ll watch a movie, grab lunch or just hangout. Alex has not only developed such great relationships with her floor, but with the rest of the building as well. Whenever Alex is on duty, residents come in to say hi, talk about the Rangers, or ask her advice on a multitude of subjects.  Alex also proved to be a very valuable resource while many of our residents went through the pledging process. Alex came up with the idea of having a “pass the coffee” dates to strengthen relationships between her co-workers. Each week a staff member picks another staff member who they haven’t seen a lot over the past week to get coffee with. This idea has really helped the RA staff to spend some individual time together and has strengthened the relationships that were already there. Wonderful job Alex!

Program of the Month: Murder Mystery Dinner hosted by Rebecca Gianarkis and Lauren Mrachko from Liberty/Republic
Lauren and Rebecca teamed up with faculty member Dr. Seirup and hosted a 20’s themed Murder Mystery Dinner in the Republic Lounge.  The program was great because Rebecca and Lauren had to cancel all of the dinner plans they made and therefore did this program without the incentive of food (the usual programming gimmick!)  Lauren and Rebecca approached resident students and asked them for parts in the play.  All of the residents they approached dressed the part and put on a spectacular performance! Even the residents who weren’t involved with a role still dressed up.  Everyone had a good time trying to figure out who the murderer was. This program suited the nature of honors college housing because there are so many Theater, Film, and Television majors living in that complex, and the program gave the students a chance to participate and act.  Everyone had a great time and it was a program that will be used in Lib/Rep for years to come! Thanks Rebecca and Lauren!

Thank you to ALL our wonderful Resident Assistants and their hard work this school year! 
~Becky Christiansen
Residential Programs.


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