Wednesday, June 20, 2012

But I applied online...

Have you ever applied to a company or organization directly on their website? Did you fill out a profile and online application? Did you set up a username and password?

Many applicants go through all of the above steps and in some circumstances, select what types of positions they are interested in or actually choose a job opening to apply for. However, many candidates do this once, and believe they are now "in the system."  This may be a crucial mistake! I recently was working with a graduate who applied with an organization over a year ago, believed she was in the applicant pool, and never heard anything. This graduate was shocked when I showed her that simply setting up an account was not the only step! In fact, each time a new job opening was posted on the site, she had to log back in and reapply with her existing account! It even gave her the option to upload a new resume and cover letter. Unfortunately, this graduate missed out on many opportunities with this organization.

This can happen on many job search websites where you create an account. Rarely will the organization or recruiters using the site "find" you; you need to find them and apply for each position you are interested in and qualified for.  For some really great tips on how to apply directly to companies, I recommend this short article:

Finding Jobs at Company Websites

~Suzanne Dagger, Director of Career Services


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