Tuesday, April 9, 2013


On March 8th representatives from both the student and staff populations gathered to attend a presentation entitled Step Up! It centered around knowing what it takes to be a difference maker in the world. Hofstra University was very pleased to welcome back one of its former graduates who has gone on to do great things. Scott Goldman PhD of the University of Arizona brought his award winning program on Bystander Intervention and Prosocial Behavior to selected members of Division of Student Affairs. More importantly the event was attended by over 50 Hofstra students who volunteered their time because they believe in making a positive impact on the people around them. Dr. Goldman taught students and staff alike about some of the reasons why people choose to not get involved (fear of harm, assuming someone else will do something, lack of awareness) but also the value being the first to STEP UP and make a change for the better. Student feedback suggested that this was a good start but they would like to see the program expanded from here. The office of Student Counseling  Services is looking to work hand in hand with students on creating a special version of Step Up that is tailored to the Hofstra University campus community and its unique set of challenges. Keep your eye out for advertisements on future programming or if you would like to be more directly involved you can call contact person Dr. Daniel Rinaldi from Student Counseling Services at 516 463 6791.


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