Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Black Student Union : 2013 Cultural Club of the Year

The Black Student Union is dedicated to serving students of all different cultures on Hofstra's campus, as well as uplifting members of the community. This past year, The Black Student Union has promoted several events that has brought Hofstra's community together. The organization is well known for their "Real Talk Series" which provides the opportunity for students  to get together to discuss relevant issues revolving around social justice. In the past year, some of the topics discussed include: "When two Paths Cross; Martin Luther King and Malcolm X", "The Aftermath Of the 2012 Election", and "Renaissance Woman".  

BSU preparing for their Unity Showcase program. All proceeds collected for Operation Smile
 One of our memorable and noteworthy events is the annual celebration of Kwanzaa, where all members of the Hofstra community are invited to learn about the cultural celebration of Kwanzaa while enjoying a holiday feast at the end of the school year. Another would be the "Unity Showcase", where several of Hofstra's Organizations come together to display their talents with all proceeds collected going to charity. The Black Student Union is dedicated to building and maintaining community both off and on campus. Some community service projects that have been worked on include: "Light the Night Walk", "Produce in the Projects", "Breast Cancer walk" and "New York Cares Day".

Students at BSU Real Talk Series
The members of Black Student Union are dedicated to creating programs that are enlightening, informative and fun for students. We are proud winners of the 2012 and 2013 Cultural Club of The year awards. We look forward to continuing the work that we do to bring unity and build community on campus.

Guest Blogger, Laury Matos, President, Black Student Union.


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