Tuesday, February 18, 2014

CUA check in - Late Starting Classes

Greetings from the Center for University Advisement!
With all of the winter weather schedule interruptions, it’s hard to believe we are at the beginning of the fourth week of class!  So how are things going so far?  It's time to take a minute to make sure you’re on the right track academically and personally.  Are you positioned to meet the goals you have set for yourself?  The Center for University Advisement is here to help you assess your plans – and your progress.  Be sure to schedule an appointment with your Advisement Dean  for a check-up and to plan for registration for summer and fall. (Click on the "about" tab.)

There’s good news if you find you need to make a late change to your schedule; did you see that Hofstra will be offering some late-starting courses this semester?  You may register on your portal from 2/18 to 3/7.  If you are dropping as well as adding, go to Student Financial Services (2nd floor Memorial Hall) to complete the add/drop transaction.  Courses run March 3 through May 17.

History, HIST 030 (HP) Contemporary American Lives

MW 6:30-8:40 pm Brower 201

Professor John Munz 


In a biographical approach to historical understanding, the course considers the lives of four to six American men and women, chosen by the instructor to represent important aspects of American society since 1900. Individuals will be examined with regard to their interactions with society and one another, in the light of not only biographical and autobiographical texts, but also of sound recordings, films, and visits to historical sites.

Philosophy, PHI 014 (HP) Introduction to Ethics

MW 8:00-10:10 am in Heger 100

Professor John Farley 


This course focuses on critical reasoning about ethics. The course reviews major approaches to ethical values and examines the bases for why some conduct (like killing, deceit, fraud) is wrong, and why some things (like freedom, fairness, compassion) are valuable. The course also examines the relationship between ethics and society, with focus on contemporary issues such as: corporate social responsibility, professional codes of ethics, responsibilities to the environment, or other similar topics. Students learn to reason critically about ethics through exercises and writing essays about ethical issues. 

Please note: Students are not eligible for additional federal aid for any registrations after 2/23.

Stay safe and warm everyone!


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