Friday, June 20, 2014

Welcome Week 2014...planning away!

Welcome Week Coordinators:
Batson Xiang Li, Nora Heidel,
and Christian Ladigoski
With summer in full swing, Hofstra students are no doubt working hard and keeping busy with their summer jobs, internships, and classes. There is no exception for the student employees in the Office of Student Leadership and Activities. The 2014 Orientation Staff is hard at work facilitating eight summer sessions of New Student Orientation for the Class of 2018 as well coordinating a sensational Welcome Week for the new undergraduate students!
After attending a 3-day long orientation during the summer, new students will be able to look forward to Welcome Week! This is a week-long event that runs from Thursday, August 28th – Monday, September 1st. New and transfer residential students have the opportunity to move in to their residence halls several days before the rest of the student body, and then alongside the commuting and off-campus living members of new class, are able to transition into the community and Hofstra life before the forthcoming new school year begins.
WelcomeWeek is composed of five exciting days of programs which aim to facilitate the Class of 2018’s transition into Hofstra’s academic life, culture, traditions and community, alongside exposing students to the exciting diversity present on campus and in the surrounding areas. The activities occurring within the week will encompass all things Hofstra and will introduce students to the myriad of Hofstra campus resources readily available to them, which can be utilized by everyone! New students will even have the opportunity to head in to the metropolitan New York area over the weekend through the Explore Next Door (END) trips.
Hard at Work
            Beyond END Trips students can anticipate a number of amazing and unique events that will ensure a fun and memorable first week at Hofstra! The New Student Barbecue, Class of 2018 Celebration, and Student Center Boardwalk are only a few of the events planned where new students will have the opportunity to mix and mingle with the "Hofstra Pride". They can also cheer on the Hofstra athletics teams and show their Hofstra pride during any one of the number of sports events scheduled throughout this week. New undergraduates will have chance to see how they can get involved on campus when they meet the over-200 student clubs and organizations at the Welcome Week Club Fair!
Only adding to this unforgettable week, Kwame Anthony Appiah – the author of this year’s Common Reading, The Honor Code, will be on campus to discuss his book and autograph student’s copies.          
As you can see, a fun-filled and outstanding Welcome Week is in the midst of being planned by the student coordinators in the Office of Student Leadership and Activities. So enjoy your summer, we’ll see you in the Fall!
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Submitted By: Nora Heidel, '15


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