Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Discovery Program - Welcoming our new students!

This year, the Hofstra Discovery Program will welcome its 6th class of excited incoming first year and transfer students on Saturday, August 23rd.  The Discovery Program is a dynamic and interactive program for students who wish to be actively engaged through advocacy, community service, outdoor recreation and service.  One of the benefits of participating in the Discovery Program is being able to experience what Hofstra University has to offer through early campus involvement.  Upon checking in, students will be welcomed by outgoing and excited Discovery Leaders who will be there to help the students transition as they embark on this new journey.  Our Discovery Leaders are all previous Discovery students who once stood in the very same shoes as our new students.  Our leaders are so excited to meet Hofstra’s incoming Discovery students.  We spoke with two of our DiscoveryLeaders about what they are looking forward to most about this year’s Discovery Program.  

Here’s what they had to say:

“As we draw closer to the start of the Discovery Program, I can’t help but feel excited. Something about being back on campus, and the chance to welcome new students to our community at Hofstra is something that I am really looking forward to. There is nothing more satisfying than knowing my time is going to make a difference in this group of new students lives, and knowing that we as Discovery Leaders are helping lead students down a path of service, commitment, and involvement around campus. From my experience with Discovery, my friends and I who participated in the program were some of the most involved people on campus. We got involved with clubs, jobs, TA positions, and more, and I really look forward to seeing the newest group of students take on positions around campus as well. I can’t wait to see everyone, and look forward to meeting the newest addition to Hofstra University.” – Alexander Cain, Discovery Class of 2013

“I am most looking forward to providing the students with opportunities to get involved with community service. I am also excited to see the friendships that are created and to watch them grow throughout the year. We're getting close and I am very excited!!!!!!!!!” – George Calvo, Discovery Class of 2012

We look forward to continuing the tradition of the Discovery Program and are very excited to welcome new leaders to the Hofstra community.

Submitted by Jarryn Mercer, Assistant Director, Student Leadership and Activities


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