Thursday, July 24, 2014

Essence of Place Exhibit

Essence of Place Exhibit  
               Don Resnick
Continues until August 15, 2014
Hofstra University 
Emily Lowe Gallery

We’ve all wished for a quick escape to a place of absolute peace, especially if you find yourself in a bustling city like the big apple or its equally fast paced suburban neighbors. How about going somewhere nearby that promises to invoke a quiet and tranquil atmosphere?

The Hofstra University Museum is currently hosting an exhibit of an internationally known landscape artist known as Don Resnick. The “Essence of Place” exhibit contains works by the artist that are set in coastal areas, influenced by his home on Long Island along with Maine, where he went on vacation.

The exhibit features a digitally scanned copy of one of Resnick’s sketch books, a fun game called “The Great Art of Caper” and iPods with playlists of the music that inspired the artist himself to paint these serene, colorful, and soothing works of art.

This exhibit is a true testament to the museum’s commitment to display works of Long Island artists and, according to Beth Levinthal, Executive Director of the Hofstra Museum, “speaks to protecting and preserving the beauty of Long Island through canvases that provide us with moments of quiet tranquility, or that burst with infinite majesty.”

Don Resnick (American, 1928 - 2008), Marshes, 1983, Oil on linen, 40 x 50 in. Gift of David Resnick and Iwonka Piotrowska, Hofstra University Museum Collections, HU2009.9 (c) Don Resnick. (Above)
Don Resnick (American, 1928), Sketchbook, Ink on paper, nd. Courtesy of the Estate of Don Resnick (Right) 


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