Thursday, September 3, 2015

Summer English Language Program

Hofstra University had the honor of welcoming our new Summer English Language Program (ELP) students on Sunday, July 12. The Summer ELP is a six-week program for our new Hofstra students who are learning English as a second language; this program not only has a series of academic lessons to prepare students to obtain proficient English skills for their academic years, but also sponsors various on-campus activities and off-campus events to help students adapt to the new environment at Hofstra. We served 22 ELP students this summer, including six graduate students and sixteen undergraduate students.

We understand the new ELP students’ struggle when they arrive in the United States, so the International Student Affairs (ISA) office designed the Saturday off-campus trips and Tuesday on-campus activities for our ELP students to have a relaxing time after class. As the ELP coordinator, I am glad I had this opportunity to manage these events. I was an ELP student in 2014 and experienced all the same difficulties as the new ELP students, so I had a good connection with them, which made it easier for me to help them.

My coworker, Sara Wach, the Residential Assistant, designed very interesting games for our Tuesday night programs and we had a wonderful time. I am really grateful to our volunteers that dedicated their time for each program and I am glad we finally became good friends.

The Saturday off-campus trip program was awesome. It was a pleasure to lead our ELP group to explore New York City and Long Island this summer. We prepared five trips for students and I believe these new-comers gained a great picture of New York and their new home.

First trip--- Governors Island /Statue of Liberty/Chinatown.

We caught the City of Water festival in Governors Island and ate Lunch in Chinatown.

Second trip--- Coney Island (Deno's Wonder Wheel Amusement Park/ Luna Park/ New York Aquarium)
A great way to release pressure is to scream when enjoying rides in the amusement park.
Third trip--- Metropolitan Museum of Art/Central Park.
It was a sunny day and our group was engrossed in great art and natural beauty.
Fourth trip---Brooklyn Bridge/ Brooklyn Bridge Park/Botanic Garden.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden has great greenhouse labs and we found a perfect place to take group pictures in the Brooklyn Bridge Park.
Fifth trip--- Dave & Busters.

We had our last lunch together and the electronic games were awesome!
At the end of the ELP on August 21, 2015, ISA sponsored and held the ELP Farewell Party on campus. The administrator representatives from the Office of Admission and ISA, our Global Mentors and volunteers, as well as our ELP students attended the party. During the party, our level two students were awarded with certificates for their successful completion of ELP, and every student was rewarded with a Hofstra lanyard for the efforts they made in this summer. Tasty food, great music, and awesome Hofstra people joined in laughing and happiness!

The end of this summer is also the end of my job for this ELP program. This is sad, but I am happy our ELP students completed their courses and many of them successfully transitioned into their academic studies. This precious job opportunity makes my summer meaningful and I truly appreciate the kindness and generosity of the all the ISA office staff who have helped me and continue to help our ELP students gain a foothold in US culture and language. I am grateful to be part of this family!

Guest Blogger: Yina Peng, ELP Coordinator, International Student Affairs


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