Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Autumn Air!

This may come as a complete shock for many of you who know me…after all, I live for those long, high UV-index beach days, the sand between my toes, sundresses and flip flops, but for me, there is nothing like the first brisk autumn air;  I am convinced that it has its own very distinct smell.  I know it seems crazy coming from me, but there is something about the first time my house catches that chill…you know the first time your floors are ice cold under your feet—you’ve got to cave in and put slippers on, OR even better, my first pumpkin muffin of the season…It’s ALMOST as great as the perfect beach day.

With the weather finally feeling more like fall, there are so many things I am looking forward to, I figured I’d share!

1)    Hopefully convincing my mother-in-law to bake me a chocolate-chip pumpkin cake.  Yes, I can definitely eat a whole cake in a week…

2)    Attending Hofstra’s Annual AUTUMN FEST on October 24th, Common Hours, Student Center Main Dining Room.

3)    Attempting to bake my caramel apple cookie recipe that took me 5 years (yes, it’s true) to perfect.  Side note: I ate A LOT of caramel apple cookies from this little bakery in Delaware Water Gap, PA in order to get this recipe down pat.  I did at one point try to pay them for their recipe…but they wouldn’t except my bribe and I was forced to use my taste buds to re-create those cookies!

4)    Watching the battle of the classes in a full-out dodge ball tourney on October 24th, 6pm in the Fitness Center.

5)    Getting a famous apple pie from Jericho Cider Mill, yum!

6)    Decorating a pumpkin outside Bits & Bytes on Halloween (10am-2pm) courtesy of SGA’s programming board!

7)    Midnight Madness at Hofstra, GET EXCITED for basketball season to start!!  November 1st, 9pm, Hofstra USA.

8)    The big halftime performance for Cheer, Dance, and Pep Band on November 17th at the Men’s Basketball game!

9)    Pecan and coconut pies on Thanksgiving.

10)    Waking up at 4am on Black Friday, buying something at a ridiculously low price and then celebrating my victorious shopping experience by feasting on pumpkin pancakes at IHOP.

11)    Pranking my colleague by spraying their office with my fall-scented spray (heavy on the cinnamon) so that he runs around the office complaining about his serious aversion to cinnamon products—*sigh* it never gets old!

I could go on…but my love of autumn takes me all the way until mid-December!  But with all there is to look forward to within the next few weeks, it really shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that autumn is my SECOND favorite season…just the foods alone are exciting, and then you factor in the great activities both on and off-campus—it’s definitely keeping me busy!


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