Thursday, October 4, 2012

LGBTQ Heritage Month Kick Off!

Yesterday kicked off Hofstra University’s 2012 LGBTQ Heritage Month with the Opening Reception. 

At the reception, participants were able to learn about famous LGBTQ role models through various informational posters presented throughout the room. The Pride Network provided interesting facts about LGBTQ pre-20th Century history. In addition, Queerocracy, a grassroots organization in NYC working to promote and realize social and economic justice through activism and education, presented information about issues some members of the LGBTQ community are thinking about this election season.

We, at Hofstra University, are proud to be an institution that advocates for our LGBTQ community and also hosts a strong Pride Network student organization. We strive to not only highlight LGBTQ events throughout our heritage month, but also throughout the year. However, it is important to recognize that this month is special in that we will be joining others across the nation to celebrate and advocate LGBTQ history, equality, and acceptance.

As members of the LGBTQ community traditionally cannot learn about their history at home or in  school, the nation-wide LGBT History Month was created to celebrate the key people who aid in the LGBTQ equality movement, to foster community between those who identify as LGBTQ or as allies, and to educate the public on LGBTQ civil rights issues, intercultural sensitivity, and acceptance. 

I encourage you to look at our LGBTQ Heritage Month calendar. Show your support of our LGBTQ community by participating in our events throughout the month.
Queerocracy Presentation 
Photo By: Nolan Meditz, Graduate Assistant, Division of Student Affairs, Communication/Parent and Family Programs


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