Monday, October 15, 2012

Embrace the Debate!

This guest post is from Cait Stolzenberg and Larry Daves, student co-chairs of the Student Debate Committee. This group has been meeting all year in preparation for #HofDebate, and they've planned all of the events for students taking place outside of the Debate Hall on October 16.

As soon as they announced, almost a year ago, that the Debate was coming back to Hofstra, we knew we had to get involved! We didn’t know how, or where, or what, but we knew that getting involved in the Debate was something we just had to do.

Then entered Jayne Brownell in to a Student Government senate meeting with a great opportunity: Student Co-chair of the Debate Planning Committee. 

A few short weeks later, after an application process and interviews, Jayne offered both of us the opportunity to be student co-chairs of the Debate Planning Committee. (The first and only time we would ever be co’s….) 

Who knew how amazingly this would all turn out! These past few months have been a whirlwind. We’ve learned so much about what it takes to plan and effectively carry out a debate on a college campus. We probably knew it all along, but, we truly realized why Hofstra was chosen to host two debates in a row!

Along with all the learning, we have also been working! We’ve planned awesome events for students on campus for debate week!  First on the day of the Debate (October 16- but you should know that!) there’s Issue Alley!

Issue Alley
Main Dining Room
Issue Alley provides an opportunity for student clubs to educate others on the election-related issues they are most passionate about! Each student organization will have a table to display their issue’s significance to the Presidential election and the series of debates. Come out and participate in the different activities clubs have planned and learn something new!

Also, we’ve planned four GREAT simulcasts that any current student can enjoy! All of these watch parties take place at 7pm in their respective areas and to get in all you need is your Hofstra ID! Food will be served at each location and of course we’ll have amazing give-a-ways to the first 150 students to enter! On top of that we have some awesome raffles in each location.

Embrace the Debate: Create
Netherlands Café
Express yourself! Come get ready for the debate with some crafty, creative, and fun activities!

Embrace the Debate: Educate
Student Center Theater
Join Howard Dean and Ed Rollins as they educate us on the importance of Presidential Debates!

Embrace the Debate: Commemorate
Main Dining Room
Leave your mark! With trivia, photo booths, and window painting, come get ready for the Debate and show what this election means to you!

Embrace the Debate: Celebrate
Hofstra USA
Join some of Hofstra’s amazing performance groups as they celebrate their talents before the Debate. Then watch Sirius Satellite Radio and political comedian Pete Dominick broadcast live from HofUSA!

With this great line up of events and all of the excitement on campus, it’s sure to be a night to remember! Commuters, Residents, EVERY current student- get out, get active, get involved and EMBRACE THE DEBATE!

We’ll see you October 16th! J


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