Tuesday, May 7, 2013


It’s May! A time of flowers, nice weather, and the end of classes drawing nearer (yeah, summer break!). However, because the last day of classes is drawing nearer, one inevitable force of life is becoming more clear – FINALS. We dread them all semester and when they come, it’s smack in the middle of a time that should be happy and bright! But who says we can’t make it fun? 

The Office of Student Leadership and Activities has over a week of fun activities planned starting May 8th and lasting all the way through May 17th to make your exams that much more bearable. These events are tailored to reduce your stress, like a free ZUMBA session, free massages, free food and more, so the series is conveniently titled, STRESSBUSTERS! We hold the series at the end of each semester, but this semester, it is going to be bigger and better than ever!

...bigger and better? YES! We are excited to announce that we added a BRAND NEW event to our Stressbusters line-up this semester. Let us introduce to you, PET THERAPY! On May 9th and 10th from 12pm-4pm in the Multipurpose Rooms. Bideawee, a local animal welfare organization, is bringing special therapy dogs to campus! Petting a dog is proven to improve your mood, control blood pressure, and LOWER STRESS, so we wanted to offer this amazing opportunity to our students! There is already a lot of buzz, and we are thrilled to start this new Stressbusters tradition with you all. So make sure to bring your friends and feel the love!

Here is a flyer of all of the great events we have taking place!:

For the full comprehensive list of our Stressbusters event schedule, check out our website at www.hofstra.edu/stressbusters, and be sure to LIKE our facebook page for updates, www.facebook.com/HofstraOSLA! 

Written by Alicia K. Ryan - Graduate Assistant of Programming - OSLA

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  1. Such a fun post! I remember finals week all to well! Glad that's over!