Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Discovery's Outdoor Exploration

Outdoor Exploration had an amazing few days together! Their outdoor activities focused on leadership skills and self-discovery. Working together through their various icebreakers and high/low ropes courses our students created a very strong bond between one another. They were able to push past their first impressions and break down the barriers they all had around them to completely open up and learn to trust. This unique group of young adults has found a sense of unity and respect for themselves and their new community. While completing their various daily challenges they were forced out of their comfort zones but were met with an overwhelming support system from everyone in the group. 
The time they all spent being unplugged from their usual daily lives allowed them to really connect and realize how similar their goals and fears were. Although there may have been times of uncertainty about how to tackle a challenge set before them, our students were completely prepared to work together to reach their goal. One specific activity, the night Solo Hike really caught the attention of the outdoor explorers. As they individually walked into complete darkness, single file and staggered in space, they entered into an unknown space, alone. Afterwards they reflected that although they were alone, they felt silently connected to one another, knowing that there was a connection between them. By being able to stay unplugged and focus on the tasks at hand, their ability to strike a connection between themselves was powerful and everlasting. These students have discovered themselves through one another, and will continue to do so throughout their time at Hofstra. The greatest part about their time spent together was that they all showed themselves as they truly are. They will make an everlasting impression on their university, and bring about a positive change to their new community.


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