Thursday, December 19, 2013

Two International Hofstra Students Experience Thanksgiving for the First Time.

During Thanksgiving break, two of our International students, Mika Nakazato (China/Japan) and Fangqi “Bridget” Xing (China), had the opportunity to experience their first American Thanksgiving at the home of fellow student, Rebecca Putorti, sophomore, in Connecticut. Here is their correspondence from after their stay.
 Dear Putorti Family,  

I got to my dorm last night and I was really missing our five-day stay at your home. We did a lot things: went to the Macy’s parade, walked in your hometown’s parade, saw a football game, went to church, and played games together. This was the first time spending Thanksgiving Day in United States, and first time home stay in my life. Moreover, all things we did in those five days were all firsts for me. I had a lot of fun. I liked American culture more than before. I really like those busy days.
Your family, your friends, and the people in church were really kind and friendly. I really appreciate that you invited Bridget and me to stay your home. The Thanksgiving Day's dinner was great! I love to eat turkey and mashed potato! They’re really good and not to mention your pancakes!!

Though, we only spent five days together, but I feel like we have known each other for ten years!! I really love your family!!
Someday, I hope you can visit me in China and Japan! I know both countries very well, so if you have chance to come, please contact me!! I'm waiting your visit. If you come to Hofstra, you must contact me and Bridget, and let's have some lunch or dinner together!! :D


I really had a great time in this Thanksgiving. It was the most memorable experience for me. Moreover, America's Thanksgiving Day is much similar to Asian's New Year's Day because all friends and all families visit each other. I really appreciated that everyone gave me the chance to experience those days. Thank you for all!
*Just want you to know that I will go to China this winter! 
I posted some pictures below.*:)
Thank you!
Have a great day!
Mika Nakazato
A note from Fangqi “Bridget”:
My first Thanksgiving in USA was great since my American family is pretty nice.
I spent about five days in Connecticut with Rebecca and her family. All the people in her family are pretty nice and friendly.
Yashu, Rebecca's father, took us to many places and tried many different kind of things. We went to Macy's Parade and visited Yale. Also, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner. The bread that Rebecca made was so good, and I love Polly's cooking, which is Rebecca's mom.  My favorite part of the whole weekend was the game that we played after dinner. We played together, and we made two new friends who come from England and New Jersey. We had a lot of fun.

 We also met a Chinese family since the Chinese man works with Yashu. Another exciting point is that we joined the town's Christmas's parade. We walked on the street and gave balloons and candies to children. This was my first time, and I really love it. On the last day, we went to church together where all the people in the church were so nice and friendly. I really liked talking with them.
I really like Hofstra's helping us experience this activity and arrangement. Also, I am pretty appreciative of Rebecca's family's care, and I feel they are like my other family, just in America. They are my American family! I think we will keep in touch.
Thank you.
Fangqi “Bridget” Xing

A note from Mr. Yashu Putorti, father of Rebecca Putorti:
I want to let you know we had a great time with Fangqi and Mika. We are very happy they spent the holiday weekend with us. Both girls are friendly and outgoing. They were flexible with our schedules and willing to go anywhere. I want to let you know this was a great idea to ask Hofstra parents to participate in offering a place at our Thanksgiving table and we have now added two more people to our list of "family" members.
The girls arrived on Tuesday night with our daughter Rebecca. On Wednesday they went grocery shopping and helped prepare for Thanksgiving dinner. On Thursday I took the two girls to the Macy's Parade. We had a great time. We went home and had our dinner and then played Wii, and other games. We laughed a lot.
On Friday we went to a high school football game. We then toured Yale University and spent some time in the Yale bookstore. In the evening we went out to decorate a float that our church was putting in a local Christmas parade the next day. 
On Saturday the girls slept in while Rebecca played in a fundraiser soccer game. After lunch we had them participate in the parade. They walked with our church group behind the float and they handed out balloons and candy canes. That evening we had concert tickets, so the two girls went to have dinner and visit with a Chinese family they met at our Thanksgiving dinner table. (Our Thanksgiving dinner table had a Chinese family, Fangqi from China, Mika from Japan, Simon from England, and a few neighbors.)
On Sunday Fangqi and Mika went to church with us because they had spent the two previous days with church members and felt like family.
Even though it was only a few days, we feel like we have known the girls for years, and they feel the same.
Thank you for asking us to open our home to them. We all had a great time.
Best regards.
Yashu Putorti
Compiled by Mary Coleman ---- Assistant Director for Parent and Family Programs, Parent and Family Programs       


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