Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Women's Herstory Month Reception

The Multicultural and International Student Programs office held the Women’s Herstory Month Reception, today on March 5, 2014. A woman’s journey was the theme for today’s reception and we were able to reflect on that with the different speakers. Hosted by Shannon Alomar, the reception began with Christine Brazeau speaking about her experience and what she has learned by working for and with She’s The First. 
She’s The First sponsors girls’ education, with the goal of creating more first-generation graduates and our next generation of global leaders. 
The Student Keynote was followed by a performance by senior dance major Julia Macchio and sophomore dance Major Julia Neto who danced to the song “Underneath”. 
The wonderful performance was followed by keynote speaker, Mary Anne Trasciatti, Professor of Rhetoric in the Department of Speech Communication, Rhetoric and Performance studies.  Her speech developed in the concept of the term “Streetwalker”. 
Although a negative term towards Prostitution, she went on to how a streetwalker also goes back to women activism.  These were women who fought for their rights; from the Uprising of the 20,000 in the early 1900s to the Slut Walks of today.  The women of the past claimed the streets to get their voices to be heard.  She told the students in the room to not to forget that women can be empowered and earn their rights.  “Know your history, find your voice and use your voice, take up the space and be a street walker”. 


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