Friday, January 31, 2014

The Fitness Center by Lynda J. O’Malley

The Fitness Center –
It’s a cold Sunday in January and the weather has definitely been an impediment to my usual outdoor running.  Rather than heading to my gym and a treadmill I find to be rather boring, I decide to stop by Hofstra’s Fitness Center.  With temperatures nearing 15 degrees and in the middle of a Sunday afternoon prior to the start of the spring semester, I figure how busy can the Fitness Center be in terms of students and staff using the facility.  Well, I could not have been more wrong!  I entered the facility and was greeted by a staff member eager to welcome me to my work out.  As I proceed down the hall to enter the locker room, I am amazed how many people are in the weight room.  As it turned out, this was nothing compared to the number of students upstairs using the cardio equipment. 
I began my run with a few fellow runners on the track and proceed around my first lap.  The great part about running at the Fitness Center is that you can never be bored.  ¾’s of the lap you can watch people playing basketball – and let me tell you how impressed I was to see some fun pick-up co-ed basketball games occurring!  I didn’t know that many people at the time of my visit, but I think I surprised one of my RA’s on staff who probably wasn’t expecting me to be there in the middle of the day!  After a good, solid run, I did some floor work and headed downstairs. 
I must give credit to the hard working staff member who was working diligently to sweep up the countless amount of sand and ice pellets brought into the Fitness Center.  There were no professional staff members around to check up on him, and yet you could see that he took pride in his job and in maintaining the facility.
With the weather reports returning to icy cold temperatures again this week, I can’t wait to return to the track during my lunch hour one day this week.
If you haven’t stopped by there yet this semester, you should make a point of doing so.  There is definitely an activity for everyone! 
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