Friday, April 24, 2015

2015 Asian/Pacific Islander Heritage Month Reception

Reflecting on this past Spring semester, we want to highlight our last heritage month reception. On April 22, 2015, the Multicultural & InternationalStudent Programs Office (MISPO) held the reception to celebrate the 2015 Asian/Pacific Islander Heritage Month.

“Many Traditions, One Voice.” Allie Koo, junior year Korean-American student at Hofstra who is majoring in Linguistics and student worker at MISPO, brought the theme to our audiences at this event. As Allie said in the reception "When people hear the terms Asian or Pacific Islander, they think about one specific country or culture instead of the many cultural variations that exist in the community.  Our theme for this month explores the diversity that exists in the Asian and Pacific Islander communities."
Next followed traditional Japanese dances from the Long Island Japanese Cultural Center. Two performers performed the congratulatory dance which is using crane as a symbol to wish everyone a long life and good fortune and the Noh dance “Shiki Sanban” to celebrate the great harvest. 

Dr. Ying Qiu, Director of Asian Center at Hofstra University, was this year’s key note speaker.  She shared her experience in the past 17 years in different countries and fields.  Her speech touched on two different cultures that influence large populations in Asia – Confucianism and Buddhism.  She shared her father’s story to tell the audiences “Education can change people’s life.”  She also shared her experience of her 1st day in Thailand about the kindness of the Thai people.  At the end, she encouraged everyone to take advantage of all the diversity programs offered by Hofstra to learn more diversity.  It will benefit everyone’s life in today’s global world. 

At the end of the events, Jason Spradley, the graduate assistant in MISPO, had an explanation and presentation of our takeaway item – the flowering tea.

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