Friday, August 19, 2011

The Center for University Advisement at Hofstra would like to welcome all the new students to campus, and welcome back all of our continuing students! We’re looking forward to being here for you every step along your journey toward graduation.

We have been busy all summer (along with the rest of Student Affairs) preparing new first year and transfer students for the year ahead, and now the new year is upon us - we hope you are as excited as we are!

Did you know that every student at Hofstra has their own, personal advisement dean? In addition to your major adviser (once you have declared your major), you have been assigned to one of us to help you with planning and decision making, troubleshooting problems, finding answers, and learning how to navigate. Plan on meeting with us along the way to make sure you stay on course and avoid costly mistakes. Make sure you meet with your adviser at least once each semester before registration – but we would love to see you more often! Find your advisement dean by calling one of the numbers below, or look on your Hofstra portal under Student Records -> View Student Information.

Don’t forget to check your Hofstra email frequently, read your portal announcements, and stay in touch – we’re here for you!

Center for University Advisement

101 Memorial Hall
(the door that faces Hempstead Turnpike)

107 Mack Student Center
(behind the bookstore)

108 Netherlands
– Quick Question hours for freshmen – hours posted outside

On the web at: (check for important dates and deadlines here)


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