Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Parent Orientation Story

If I had to name a favorite family event on Hofstra's campus, I’d be hard-pressed to choose among all of our great fun events (is it Family Weekend/Fall Fest? Siblings Day? Welcome Day? Spring Family Day?). Each one is special, unique. But for the sheer excitement, joy and a sense that anything is possible, I’d vote for Parent Orientation. I recharge each summer just by observing new parents’ enthusiasm and positive energy.

George, a new Hofstra dad, shared with me during parent orientation lunch on Tuesday, that, since his wife shares Prof. Ellen Frisina’s sentiment that “a wrong person is moving out of the house,” he is quite ready to exchange his place with his son (with whom he shares the name –“who will be able to tell the difference?”) and attend Hofstra in his son’s stead this fall.

During each parent orientation day, I see parents eagerly taking notes, laughing at our corny student skits, asking myriad relevant questions keeping us administrators on our toes, advocating for their students, ready to partner with us in supporting them. People and magazines are talking about helicopter parents swooping to our campuses. I am grateful for each one of them.

Hofstra Parents, Hofstra Pride!



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