Monday, September 9, 2013

Confessions of a (Once) Undecided Student

Are you feeling pressure to choose a major? Relax!  Lots of us felt the same way, including me! Throughout my college experience, I have changed my major a few times. When I first entered college, I declared a major in Music Education. Once freshman year had finished, I realized that music theory and I had to part ways.  I remember feeling completely lost and hopeless as I went into my sophomore year.  I decided to take a bunch of elective classes to give myself a break from the craziness of selecting a major. One of those classes happened to be an Introduction to Psychology course. That was it. I had finally found a field that encompassed all of my passions into one major! With a degree in psychology, I intend to earn my Ph.D. and go on to conduct research involving music and its benefits with children living with autism.  The year I spent studying music did not go to waste; I simply became a music minor!

In my first year of college, if I had gone to the Career Center, I may have found psychology sooner than I did on my own. This month The Career Center is offering a workshop series, “No Major, No Problem.”  This is something I wish I had when I was undecided! You will be able to converse and exchange ideas and interests with peers experiencing exactly what you’re experiencing. You will learn so much from each other and from the presenters, which will definitely ease some of your anxieties!
Trust me, it seems like a lot to think about at first, but you will find your way. There are plenty of resources on campus and people to guide you so you don’t have to do it all on your own! Go to this event and get the help you need.  As a senior happy in her major, here is my advice:  remember to stick to what you love, don’t be afraid to try something new, ask for help, and learn about yourself!
-Alex V., Class of 2014

If you’re undecided, undeclared or unsure about you major, join us at “No Major, No Problem” for free food, activities, and a chance to win an iPad Mini!  Get the details here

Join the conversation on Twitter by following #noMnoP to get daily tips for choosing a major, ask questions and share your thoughts!

Have you seen a #noMnoP tank? You will see them all over campus tomorrow!  If you tweet a picture of these tank tops, you can get one for yourself at The Career Center (while supplies last) by showing us your tweet. Tweet a tank, get a tank – it’s that simple!  See you there!   

~Your Friends at The Hofstra Career Center


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