Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Twelve years since 9/11: A reflection

Today is September 11, twelve years since the events of 9/11. For many of us as administrators and faculty, memories of that day are clear and fresh. As a New Yorker at the time, everyone around me knew someone who was in or near the towers that morning, and many of us knew someone who was lost. And my city was forever changed. But at the remembrance ceremony on campus today, I was also very aware how young the students around me were 12 years ago, and how different, or fuzzy, their memories are from that time, especially if they grew up far away from NYC. What did today’s ceremony, so important to me, mean to them? I believe it is important to remember and honor those lost, and it will remain a poignant day for me. But we need to think about how to keep the lessons learned during that time—service, care for one’s neighbors, kindness, generosity, and the importance of living life to its fullest—alive for our students today and tomorrow, rather than expecting them to share our memories. 

To our students reading this blog, please share your thoughts below. What are the lasting messages of September 11 that you will want to continue to honor for years to come?

 In memory of Jason Cayne, 1969-2001.


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