Friday, September 6, 2013

House of Leadership

House of Leadership

I have yet to obtain a degree, although I am working on it as we speak
But even in my position I can create philosophies
My own expression of truths on particular subject matters
And today leadership will receive my Aristotle type manners
It is more than a word, more like a house of action
Because there are different levels to ensure the owners satisfaction
But not every viewer can obtain a key, unless you’re willing to listen carefully
Pretend I am your realtor, only for a few minutes and if you like my offer we’ll be in business
Step through the golden door, and don’t be blue,
Passion the first floor I’ll walk you through
Here, you can make your ideas concrete and when the sun shines you’ll feel the heat
Not from the rays, because the central air is blowing, but from your belief of your vision growing
You’ll probably have several and need to keep them in check so the organizational floor is next
File cabinets, planners, sticky notes and more can all be utilized on this floor
If you ask me it is an excellent place to spend your time because if you aren’t careful everything can end up out of line
The quiet floor encourages you to listen because when you talk all the time something can go missing
But if you like to talk and give instruction, the delegation room may be your persuasion
It is full of tasks that need to be done and someone needs to handle them
So when you are on the floor of responsibility be sure to stop by and face them with bravery
Come on, I know you’re not tired yet
 The house of leadership does not encourage that
But if you need to take a break, be honest, because that’s an important quality
If you’re okay we’ll keep it going, the floor of communication can keep this party grooving
Just make sure you are clear about what you are saying and body language is an important part of the displaying
Speaking of displays have you noticed this pattern?
Not the wall molds, although those are impressive
I mean you following me through this lesson
We walked through the floors and you followed loyally behind
We were in sync as you kept the time
That’s an amazing attribute to receiving the key
Following comes often before you can lead
So now that you know the place, what do you think?
Was it what you expected or a bit bleak?
There were a few spots I didn’t show, but do not fret in time you’ll know
Something I love about this house is everyone’s perception of it is different
Every realtor will show you their own commitment
But since you’ve passed the test, I’ll pass on the key
Welcome to the House of Leadership
A never ending discovery

Poem by Shannon Alomar, Junior, Broadcast Journalism  


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