Tuesday, September 27, 2011

RSA? What's that?

Hi all! As the current Advisor for Hall Council and Co-Advisor for RSA, a common thing I hear is that RSA tends to be overlooked as a resource for residents to get what they want out of living on campus.

Many students living on campus don't understand what RSA is and how hard their members work to make living on campus a really fun experience.

RSA stands for Resident Student Assocation and consists of students who really care about what they and other students want to happen in their residence halls. Do you and your friends really want a program to learn how to cook authentic Korean food? Do you think it would be awesome to have a Karaoke night in your residence hall? Bring it to your Hall Council or to the next RSA meeting! These organizations want to make these kinds of programs happen for you.

You can also look forward to the many events that RSA plans each year like our Annual Snowball Semi-Formal Dance (in early December - get out your dancing shoes!), Weekend Movie Events (Partnered with Entertainment Unlimited),Relay for Life, as well as community events facilitated by area hall councils.

For more information on our meetings and events, please follow us on Twitter @HofstraRSA and "Like" us on Facebook. You can also find more information on RSA here.

I look forward to a fun year working with RSA and Hall Council and can't wait to see you at our events this year!

-- Stacie Mitchell, Assistant Resident Director of Colonial Square


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