Thursday, September 15, 2011

Welcome Week at Hofstra

What a busy couple of weeks it has been in Student Affairs but we certainly have “survived the storm.” Our class of Discovery students moved in and became the third group to participate in and complete this program. The program was a big success, no doubt we will be seeing many (if not all) of these students in future leadership roles on campus.

No sooner than Irene moved out did our new international students arrive on campus. Hailing from across the globe we are confident they will find Hofstra a warm and welcoming place.

The Class of 2015 and new transfer students kicked off Welcome Week with move in and the President’s welcome where over 2200 were in attendance. Programs and events continued on Thursday and Friday and included BBQ’s, mini-golf in the Axinn Library, their first late-night breakfast, American Voices, and of course, Professor Dumbledore…I mean Provost Berliner’s welcome.

The holiday weekend provided numerous opportunities for students to “Explore Next Door” on bicycles in Central Park, at Yankee Stadium, searching for ghosts at the Met, and learning the landscape of Greenwich Village, to name a few of the E.N.D. trips planned for new students.

Tracey Kidder, Pulitzer Prize winner and author of Mountains Beyond Mountains, (the class of 2015 common reading) was in attendance on Monday morning, answered questions, and stayed around to sign books. Welcome Week wrapped up Monday with the Club Carnival where new students had a chance to meet with our continuing student leaders and learn first hand about all of the ways to get involved in the life of this great University.

So, what was the favorite event? New students casted their votes and the highest rated program for Welcome Week 2011 was (drum roll, please)…SEX RULES. More importantly, students reported they felt a strong sense of connection to their new identity as a Hofstra student!

Welcome Hofstra Class of 2015 and our new transfer students.

All the best,

Sandy Johnson

Vice President for Student Affairs


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