Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Better Thank Your Mama for that Education She Gave Ya!

It's Wednesday and I hope you all get that Salt-n-Pepa reference. If not, I'm sorry: it's been a long week for everyone: I saw you all over the unispan in your Hofstra sweats, UGGs, and huge backpacks. How are finals going? Are you rocking them? I know you are because that's what Hofstra students do!

For you graduating seniors, this week is going to feel like a dream between finals, the holidays, finishing college... YES, THESE ARE YOUR LAST DAYS OF COLLEGE. C to the RAZY!

Aight, so here's the deal, as you’re taught to acknowledge your breath in Yoga (I just came out of a practice-yoga-at-your desk class, it was crazy chillaxin’, brah), I’d like you to acknowledge those whom gave you breath during your college years. This is to say, please let those who supported you throughout your time at Hofstra whether emotional, financial, or both know how much you appreciate that they’re in your life.

Remember those care packages with the dozen cup o’ noodles that your main man, Dad sent you? Your blood pressure and sodium levels sure do. How about that sick paper you wrote on Napoleon’s conquests that your professor laboriously edited for you for a month during open office hours, remember that? ZZZzzzzzz. You don’t anymore, but your Prof. is definitely mad proud and deserves a high-five thank you. How about when your BFF4EVAZ sat with you and told you to stay at Hofstra that Saturday night when so-and-so dumped you making you so sad you wanted to leave? So-and-so? Who? Exactly! I'm so glad you stopped being so EMO about all that finally. What about when you academic dean told you what was up with your poetry and advised you that you would make a better advertising executive one day than the next Maya Angelou? What’s up with all her poems having the word beloved in them? Hey, she knew how to thank her peeps and that’s what’s up! My point is, all these people helped you get to where you are today: graduating and you need to thank them!

So, congratulations to yourself, but make sure you give a shout out to all those who love you and contributed to your successful academic career at Hofstra.

How do I thank my hommies? Well, I’m going to hit you up with the hot scoop, fresh off the tip line:

Stop by the Office of Parent and Family Program’s Senior Tribute Table until 4:30 p.m. today, December 14 or tomorrow, December 15 from 12-4:30 p.m. outside the Plaza Rooms and Nancy will supply you with as many thank you cards you need.

Once you write your cards, let us know if you would like us to publish your message on our website,, in addition to mailing them to your RL (real life) guardian college angels. If you can’t roll by our table, come by 200 Phillips Hall (it’s the building right by Hofstra Hall, that big white house) and we’ll give you all the materials you need to spread the love.

Be cool: Thank those who got you through school.

I'm so proud of you it makes me want to cry. Congrats!!

-Mary, Assistant Director of the Office of Parent and Family Programs


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