Friday, December 9, 2011

RA of the month award winners for November

It's that time of the semester again where the Office of Residential Programs likes to recognize a few of our outstanding staff members. Here are the winners for the month of November.

Resident Assistan
t of the Month: Chelsea Tirrell Chelsea is an RA in the Netherlands complex. She works in Orange House which is the Leadership living/learning community. Chelsea has an amazing disposition and fits the role of a Resident Assistant well. She is outgoing, personable, approachable and highly motivated. She has really helped boost the morale and efficiency of her co-RAs by supporting them in all areas of the job. Chelsea has amazing relationships with her residents. She is very well versed in their interests, issues and concerns. She is supportive of their efforts/interests within the Leadership house, motivates them to get involved in on campus organizations and really helps them make the most of their experience outside of the house. She has motivated (along with her fellow co RA Steve) a large group of the house residents to work towards their goal of creating an anti-bullying club here at Hofstra, which was recently recognized as an official club by OSLA. She has helped to develop this great community! Wonderful job Chelsea!

r Resident Assistant of the Month: Rachel Lutz Rachel is the newly-appointed SRA of Colonial Square East. She has only been in this role for about two months and she has already proven herself to be a strong leader in her building and for her staff. Rachel jumped right into her responsibility of being adviser to the Colonial Square Hall Council. She works hard to make sure that the Hall Council will be successful and takes ownership to insure that success. Rachel's ability to always think ahead and anticipate possible issues enables her to be a strong asset to her supervisors and co-workers. Thanks for being a super star, Rachel!

Program of the
Month: Billy Finnegan and Alex Romano Billy and Alex did a wonderful job in creating a Thanksgiving program for Stuyvesant Hall, where about 40 students attended. The program was really about giving thanks and not just eating food. At the program, Billy and Alex told the residents about the 1,000 Thanks (& Giving) Project (that is sponsored by Hofstra Hillel each Holiday season) and said that before getting a plate of food they needed to send one person a special note of thanks. All were pleasantly surprised when many of the residents loved idea and filled out 2 or 3 cards. Once everyone had gotten their food, the students went around and talked about something that were thankful for. This spurred a lot of conversation and many people became emotional and realized just how much they have to be thankful for. Thanks you to Alex and Billy for organizing such a successful program!

Check back next semester to see our new winners!!


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