Friday, December 2, 2011

Get LinkedIn not LinkedOut!

Last night I had the pleasure of presenting at a community event for the University.  Hofstra University is committed to not only helping its students with the current job crisis but the community.  The major theme that kept on coming up in the discussion was the importance of an online presence.  All of the panelists, from various different industries, agreed that an online presence especially on LinkedIn is critical to a successful career search.

LinkedIn is the first social network job seekers should consider using to find opportunities. Yet job seekers without much work experience may wonder whether LinkedIn is useful for them. If you don’t already know a lot of people who are using LinkedIn, it is easy to underestimate its potential value.  Linked-in is the ultimate online networking site for everyone.

Growing your online network will help support your job hunting efforts today and in the future. Utilizing LinkedIn helps you keep track of contacts that might serve as references or refer you to opportunities later.  It is also the best software to showcase your online resume directly to the employer.  Let me just reiterate, Linked-in is not like Facebook.  It is utilized primarily for professional networking and personal branding uses.

LinkedIn says approximately 200,000 college students join every month! You don’t want to miss those opportunities by not having a cutting edge profile.

Look out for our upcoming Social Networking Series in Spring 2012!!

--Joseph Gebbie, Assistant Director, The Career Center


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