Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hofstra Celebrates the Holidays

It's begun! The windows are starting to getting painted; are you ready for the fun?!?!?! Groups have voluteered their time to decorate the back of the main dining room not only for the Hofstra community but, for three groups of children; Hempstead Boys and Girls Club, The Hofstra Daycare and the families from the Saratoga Inn Shelter. The theme this year was Disney movies celebrate the Holidays.

Phi Sigma Sigma and Student Government Association (Beauty and the Beast celebrate Christmas), Delta Chi and Alpha Theta Beta (Aladdin celebrates Winter Solstice), Tau Epsilon Phi and Delta Gamma (Little Mermaid celebrates Chanukah), Sigma Alpha Mu and Delta Phi Epsilon (Winnie the Pooh celebrates Eid-al-Adha), Alpha Phi and Sigma Alpha Epsilon (Lion King celebrates New Year's Eve), Sigma Delta Tau and Phi Theta Delta (Snow White celebrates Sinterklaas), Phi Epsilon and Pi Kappa Alpha (Bambi celebrate Chinese New Year), Alpha Kappa Psi and Theta Tau (Tarzan celebrates Kwanzaa) and Sigma Pi and Alpha Epsilon Phi (Jungle Book celebrates Diwali).
So, come by the windows and see your fellow students painting and creating excitement for this year's Holiday Celebration.

And join us next Tuesday, December 6th at 5pm at the Holiday Lighting at Hofstra Hall. The Ceremony will be brief and will feature not only the lighting but, a Sigma'cappella performance! After the Ceremony the crowd will be serenaded over the Unispan to the main dining room where we can spend more time celebrating, enjoying the windows and the company! Don't forget to stop by the Student Center atrium and donate a toy, game or gift of your choice to benefit the families of the INN (Interfaith Nutrition Network).

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  1. good! i was just wondering why we dont decorate the trees on campus with lights to make it feel more seasonal for us students who never go home..