Friday, December 16, 2011

Hofstra Students Stride Towards Leadership

The holiday season is upon us and stressed students are scurrying around campus preparing for finals. But despite the glazed stare of students on information overload at the library and all-nighters being pulled in the res halls, over 35 first and second year students took an extra step and applied for the Blue Leadership Program, a workshop series that brings together a cohort of emerging leaders to dialogue about leadership throughout the spring semester. Topics include Goal Setting, Ethics and Leadership, Priority Management, Marketing your Leadership, Multicultural Competence and more. Various presenters have been invited to facilitate these topics giving participants an opportunity to engage with staff and faculty who they may not yet have encountered. The applicants of the Blue Leadership program have already shown initiative and insight above that of so many others, one defining leadership as “a resilient determination and devotion to something that you believe in, leadership is the ability to share this devotion with others and inspire and empower new leaders of tomorrow to join in the journey of the visionaries of today.”

Students were encouraged to apply for the program, and staff and faculty were encouraged to nominate specific students who have shown leadership potential in their short careers at Hofstra. Over 60 nominations were submitted by various administrators and faculty around campus. Each nominee received an email encouraging them to apply for the Blue Leadership Program if interested and available. In total, 37 applications were submitted. The program launches in February 2012, and is a part of a two tier leadership series that aims to meet students where they are and develop them at various levels of engagement. The Blue Program targets 1st and 2nd year students and runs for a semester, while the Gold Program targets upperclassmen and launches in September 2012 running for a full year. The Gold (experiencing leadership) cohort is intended to be more intimate than the Blue (emerging leadership) cohort and part of the Gold participants’ experience will be a mentorship component by which they will be mentored by professional staff and then in turn will mentor the next year Blue participants. Both cohorts will graduate from the program together in May each Spring.

The Blue and Gold Leadership Series is one of many leadership development opportunities offered by The Office of Student Leadership and Activities. For students looking for a different experience or balancing various obligations spreading them too thin to commit to Blue and/or Gold, other engagement opportunities are available including the PRIDE a-la-carte workshops offered sporadically throughout the year at differing times to provide more variety for students, the Leadership Conference (Fall semester) and Leadership Retreat (Spring semester), and involvement in the various organization and team affiliations such as Orientation, Discovery Program, Student Government, Fraternity and Sorority Life, Community Service trips, and more! For more information on any of these opportunities, please contact the Office of Student Leadership and Activities at

Good luck on finals and enjoy the Holiday Season!


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