Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Nearing the End

As we near the end of the semester the amount of activity in the office is increasing and the amount of stress for students may be increasing too, just like poor little kitty above. Not only are you thinking about the final projects, exams and papers that are looming but, you may be saying your goodbyes to colleagues at your internships or for some of you, even thinking about graduating on December 20. For those of you feeling a little stressed out don't forget that our office is coordinating STRESSBUSTERS!

Look for information at our website about all the upcoming events including free massages, food breaks, late night breakfast, Zumba classes and other great stress relievers. So, make sure to stop by all these great events and RELAX during this somewhat hectic time of year.  Posters are around the Student Center with this information and more information about managing your stress at Hofstra can be found HERE. Also, if you like old fashion stress relief don't forget about the awesome Student Center Game Room. You can stop by there during finals each day between 11am and 11pm. Please be as stress free as possible during this time and go out on a positive note from Fall Semester. 


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