Thursday, December 20, 2012

Shed Some Light on It

The Hofstra Community has shown great fortitude over the past few weeks.  We have seen some tragic events occur with Hurricane Sandy, a snowstorm shortly thereafter, and the devastating situation that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary.  But Hofstra has remained lit in the dark times. 
Kate and Willy help to brighten up the room at Hofstra Celebrates The Holidays 2012!

The Office of Student Leadership and Activities teamed up with Kate and Willy, Greek Life, SGA, HAMA, and The Game Room to lighten up the Main Dining Room with a depiction of how Kate and Willy Celebrate The Holidays.  We saw some great window paintings that exemplified the spirit of all the holidays celebrated worldwide and on Hofstra's campus this time of year.  We even reached out to the local community (along with The Discovery Club) to provide food and activities to the children of The Boys and Girls Club and Saratoga Inn.  As the administrator who oversees the Game Room, I was happy to see the Game Room employees get involved in decorating their first window in Hofstra's history.  The theme for the crew depicted Kate and Willy helping Pikachu spark the Kwanzaa candles to provide light. 

Hofstra Hall right after President Rabinowitz kicked off the celebration.
We were just getting the ball rolling with the preparations of Hofstra Celebrates The Holidays. Thank you to the Dance Team, Cheer Team, Pep Band, The HofBeats, President Rabinowitz, and the entire Hofstra Community for lighting up Hofstra Hall to show that we come together in celebration of all holidays.

Barclay's Center in Brooklyn, NY

Charles Jenkins (Hofstra Alumnus) was lighting up the floor at Barclay's Center in Brooklyn, New York.  I was fortunate enough to lead a trip of nearly 30 first-year students on an Explore Next Door trip to the Nets/Golden State Warriors Game.  Even though the home team lost, everyone was in awe of the brightly lit and lively arena and was happy to cheer on Charles as he scored two consecutive jump shots.

Some of the cards wishing well to Newtown
Lastly, Hofstra students took a small break from studying for finals to recognize the tragedy that took place in Sandy Hook Elementary.  Off the heels of a gathering on Monday outside the Student Center Atrium, Hofstra, students took one more opportunity to make cards for the families and student affected.  We will mail these to Newtown to show that Hofstra supports and continues to be a light to those experience difficult times.

Our graduate assistant, Courtney Cyr, making hearts for the Sandy Hook Elementary  School. 

On behalf of OSLA and the Division of Student Affairs, "Thank You" to the Hofstra students for a great fall semester.  Have a happy and healthy holiday and new year!


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