Thursday, December 6, 2012

Even the little ones get to paint the Holiday Windows

Three children by the completed window

Brendan Caputo helping a child get ready to put their mark on the windows.
Who doesn't love to see the little buggies filled with children that travel across campus or, the small children holding hands across the unispan and playing on the south side of campus.
This week Student Leadership and Activities had the opportunity to work with the children of the Child Care Institute (CCI) on the Hofstra Celebrates the Holidays window painting. Having the daycare children involved in one of our activities is always fun for me as my son is in the pre-school class at CCI.
This is the second year that we have collaborated with the CCI to bring the children to the main dining room and give them the opportunity to paint the windows or to play games or complete projects with the student organizations who had painted the windows. The kids had a great time this year and the college students had fun too! The college students even had the opportunity to sing songs with the CCI children!
Some of the students who assisted with the CCI collaboration
The windows will be up through the end of the semester so make sure to stop by and look at all the excellent paintings as well as the hand prints by the CCI. The windows are a great reminder to have a little fun and destress as final exam time approaches. I hope you have a great holiday season!
My son and I as the event was ending

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