Wednesday, October 12, 2011

BMW - and we're not talking about the car!

Have you ever felt like your not sure what utensils to use at a fancy meal? Or which water is yours? Students who attended last year's Professional Etiquette Dinner felt that way going in-but not after! "Everyone should have to take an etiquette seminar," said one attendee.

Students of all majors including athletes from the men's and women's basketball teams learned everything from utensil and chopstick use to handshakes and networking small talk. These are skills applicable to all industries and even at your Thanksgiving dinner! "I have an upcoming networking dinner and I found this to be extremely helpful and I feel prepared," said a soon to be graduating senior. Other students reported that they enjoyed learning about American vs. Continental dining styles and place settings. Plus the FREE three-course meal at the University Club didn't hurt!

BMW? Can you figure it out? To find out more come to this year's Professional Etiquette Dinner on October 19th! For more information call The Career Center at 516-463-6060 or email


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