Monday, October 24, 2011

Leadership in Action

SGA Retreat

The last few weeks have brought about tons of leadership development opportunities through OSLA! We had the SGA Retreat, October 15th, during which I took 30 senators and delegates from the Student Government Association (SGA) away for an overnight retreat! Students started the weekend half asleep as we met at 7:30am on Saturday morning to take a 2-hour bus ride to Camp Woodstock in Woodstock Valley, Connecticut. Equipped with sleeping bags, notes for our goal-setting sessions, and plenty of chocolate and sugar to wake up and motivate the students, the weekend was bound to be exciting. New senators spoke with more confidence and knowledge than they had prior to the weekend and senior senators succeeded in empowering and mentoring some students with less experience. SGA and I spent the majority of that evening solving a convoluted case study detailing issues that SGA faces every week such as club accountability, finances, Senate attendance, and university initiatives. While tackling both internal and external issues, SGA worked for hours to come up with a mission and a common viewpoint that they are excited to return to campus and implement. After the case study, senators participated in round robin sessions, facilitated by members of Cabinet. Topics included professionalism, goal-setting and action plans, parliamentary procedure, club relations, finance overview, and a “getting to know you” activity. The rest of the retreat was full of community building including a campfire, archery, and boating. All in all, it was a great weekend – one in which students came back more connected to each other and more focused on important issues they plan to tackle this year. We look forward to next Fall’s retreat!

Student Leadership Conference

This past weekend was the Student Leadership Conference! Over 170 students registered for the conference, ranging from different affiliations around campus including Greeks, RA’s, Club leaders/members, OL’s, and more! Students enjoyed the keynote presenter, Jon Vroman who spoke to them about the importance of Living Life in the Front Row (photo attached)! Following the keynote was 16 break-out sessions facilitated by staff across the Division of Student Affairs. Participants picked whichever session appealed to them the most, and used it as a developmental opportunity to hone their skills. The Conference concluded with a short presentation from Alumni Sean Hutchinson who left students with a motivational message to take advantage of their time at Hofstra. Students enjoyed the experience, and they look forward to the Spring Leadership Conference, coming in March!

The Blue Leadership Series applications were given out for any student interested in pursuing further leadership development. The Program is being revamped and will launch February 2012. Applications are due December 5th to OSLA (260 SC).


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