Thursday, October 27, 2011

How will you haunt Hofstra on Halloween?!

Each year around this time, Hofstra's campus comes alive with ghosts, goblins and some seriously creative Halloween costumes. As the Resident Director of the Netherlands complex, I feel especially lucky that I have the opportunity to view and judge the Hall Council-sponsored house decorating contest.

In a night of spooky fun, residents throughout the Netherlands create haunted mazes, brew creepy concoctions and put ramen noodles to some of the most oozy uses I've ever seen. Until this year, I never realized what a chicken I really am! For someone who really, really loves scary movies; I seriously squirmed in some of the house lounges during last Sunday's contest.

When it was all said and done, everyone had a great time. I was amazed at the level of interaction and creativity - but was pleased to announce that Delft House won the contest overall. Enjoy some pictures from our night of festivities and ask yourself ...

... How will you haunt Hofstra on Halloween?!


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