Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Alternative Spring Break- Day 2

Day 1: Continued
So the census is in and everyone is a fan of Texas BBQ! We ordered ribs, chicken, brisket... we got it all 
and none of it disappointed! After dinner we had our first reflection session of the trip and it was great to open up and listen to the viewpoints of others. It is amazing how a group of 14 can all have the same experience but gain different insights and I love that we have the opportunity at the end of each day to share those insights with the group.

Day 2:
We went back to the home we were working on the first day and continued to finish the landscaping and the painting. We also worked on putting the doors back on the hinges and putting up ceiling sheet rock. The second day proved to be harder than the first, since we were already sore from the first day, but I am proud to say we have an incredible team and we never stop working. We are all dedicated to giving this family a home they can be proud of. One of the neighbors today stopped by to see what we were up to. When we explained what we were doing and that we were working with Habitat for Humanity they complimented us on our work ethic and even told us that now they felt embarrassed by their own yards! It was nice to know that the community is appreciative of the work we are doing. By the end of the day we had the entire inside of the house painted (thanks to our fantastic all-female paint crew) and the landscaping complete! Tomorrow we are going to be working on painting the outside of the house. While it is going to be hot, everyone is also excited about working on their tan.

After the day’s work we came back, cleaned up and made dinner for ourselves. What was on the menu you ask? Tacos, quesadillas, and hotdogs! It was great to cook and eat together as a team. After dinner, we made our way up the perfectly named Scenic Drive to the very top of one of the mountains here in El Paso. Up there we could see for miles and miles all of El Paso and even over into Mexico. It was breath taking to say the least and we all just stood there and gazed in awe at the sea of lights below us. Most of us thought El Paso was going to be a small city in the dessert with not a whole lot to offer, but we are quickly learning how wrong we were. It is much larger than we anticipated and being on top of that mountain tonight only further proved our initials thoughts ignorant. We held our reflection session on the mountain and then went back home to rest before we have to get up early again to do more work! Tomorrow we are going out for authentic Mexican food! We are all anticipating great tacos and enchiladas!

- Ashley Gray, Assistant Director of Student Leadership and Activities


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