Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Spring Family Day

Spring Family Day: Saturday, April 28, 2012

Hey, Duders!

So, I know it's the end of the semester and you're probably way more busy with trying to email your thesis topics to your professors, organizing study groups (there's always that slacker that never shows up and makes you do all the work), nursing allergies, and everything else that fills up your schedule during the last few weeks of the spring semester, but I wanted to invite you to a truly boss event.

It's happening on Saturday, April 28, 2012 and if you haven't had an opportunity to check out and let your family know, I'm going to hit you off with the crucial the deats below.

Spring Family Day is an annual event hosted by the Office of Parent and Family Programs and an opportunity to have your parents and family members come on to campus and see our famous tulips (thousands of them) and campus in full bloom.

Did you know that a beautiful ivory-white tulip was named "Hofstra University Tulip"? On October 3, 1985, Dr. Cornelius Boertien, commissioner for the Queen of the Netherlands to the Province of Zeeland, formally designated and presented to Hofstra the first bulbs of this flower hybrid named for the University.

Okay, enough with the history lesson, you probably get plenty of that with Professor SnooZZzzz anyway, amirite?

In addition to the Arboretum Tour given by Director of the Grounds Fred Soviero, events include an Academic and Career Planning session with Advisement Dean Mongillo and Executive Director of The Career Center Fred Burke. You'll be able to check your stats to see if you're on track toward graduation and what necessary steps you must take to secure an internship and a real world job, if you haven't already, smarty pants.

After a scrumptious lunch at the U. Club (you fancy, huh!), your Spring Family Day program/name tag is your ticket into the Spring Dance Concert by the students of the Department of Drama and Dance. If Dad starts getting footsy in his seat and looks like he's going to jump up on stage and do his thing, just tell him to "simmah down, now"--Are you too young for that? You might be.

Want a good tip? For you resident students, this event is also a great opportunity to get your folks to pack their minivan with all your bulky winter clothing. You know all those awesome ski pants and snow boots you never got to wear because New York this winter felt like California? Well, they can take all that stuff home with them and leave you with some killer spring pastels and madras, and BOOM, you're money, honey.

Hungry Hungry HofBRAHs: I know your meal points are dwindling down to just enough for a few chicken wraps and maybe one of those rather convenient hummus cups. So, you might want ask Mom to put her BJ's premier pass to good use and get you super sized Cup of Noodles and Easy Mac trays to stick under your raised bed for when your stomach is roaring with PRIDE. Do me a favor and also put in a word for me. Tell her to bring a tray of baked ziti, like Vinnie's ma, for me at the registration table when she comes up. I like ziti extra crispy on the sides. I'll be at Spring Family Day all day Saturday, April 28, 2012 rocking my gold name tag, so you'll know who I am. I just might have glasses on too-- we'll see if I'm feeling nerdy that day.


The fee is only $10 per guest; Hofstra students are free.

METS FANS (YANK FANS: don't playa hate):

In addition, Spring Family Day registrants may participate in all events of The 50th Anniversary of the New York Mets conference free of charge, excluding the VIP Reception (BALLER!), Banquet and meals.

See you with my ziti,

Mary Coleman,
Assistant Director of the Office of Parent and Family Programs


  1. I feel old. I'm not with this new hip way of speaking with all the slang!