Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Body and Mind Connection Workshop

Wednesday afternoon I had the tremendous opportunity to spend some time in the Fitness Center with a dynamic group of students. Yoga instructor Elizabeth Campbell and myself set out to create a program that demonstrated the complimentary benefits of Mindfulness Meditation and Yoga. With that in mind we created our first ever Body and Mind Connection Workshop. I was delighted to see over a dozen students show up with their work out gear on and ready to get to it. It was impressive how quickly students took to the art of connecting to their breath and grounding themselves in the moment through simple meditation exercises. They asked wonderfully insightful questions and shared openly about their experiences! After about 15 minutes of mindful breathing Elizabeth took over and led the class, including myself and Student Counseling Services extern Jessica Glowacki, in a series of challenging but also relaxing yoga postures. The Balance Poses were my favorite part, especially the Tree Pose. After an hour of working on our strength and flexibility we returned briefly to a meditative exercise. We hope to do this again in May. Check the announcements section of the SCS website and other Hofstra University Social Media for upcoming information.

Dan Rinaldi PsyD


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