Thursday, April 12, 2012

RA of the Month winners for March!

Residential Programs would like to congratulate our “RA of the Month” winners for the month of March. The resident directors nominate their outstanding staff members each month in recognition of their hard work and “above and beyond” characteristics. In March, the Colonial Square staff swept the floor of the competition, and here are the winners...

RA of the Month: Christina Williams

Christina is a third year RA. She is a senior television/video major and is the RA in Qunicy House. Christina is truly loved by her staff. She has a big heart and is willing to support her fellow RAs even with her busy senior schedule. Whether it is going out to dinner with them, driving them to Pathmark for a program, or giving sound advice, she offers up help when needed. Christina has handled a few tough roommate concerns this semester, and she has personally reached out to students in need, and made them feel supported and cared for. Christina’s supervisors describe her as trustworthy, communicable, and resourceful. Thanks for the hard work, Christina!

Program of the Month: Sex and Sundaes by Jerome Bailey and Natalia Alvarez-Plaud

Students were lining up outside of Hampton House to come inside to attend this program. What made this program so successful was the collaboration between Jerome, Natalia and Robin Rivera from the Wellness Center. Robin created a great icebreaker that got all of the students on their feet and involved. After that, there was a very successful and student involved conversation about the consequences of not having safe sex and options that you can do to be safer. Throughout the whole program, students were very responsive, active and involved with the conversation. This program helped not only educate the students about sex and the dangers students need to be aware of, but it also created a sense a community that students do not always feel due to being so independent all the time. Great collaboration Jerome and Natalia!

Check back here next month to learn about our April winners!

Becky Christiansen

Residential Programs.


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