Thursday, April 19, 2012

Greek Week: Can Castle 2012

DPhiE starting their Australian "castle"
AKPsi starting on France
SAE: representing the country of Jamaica
When I started last year at Hofstra I heard about the Greek Week Can Castle Event and had no idea what that meant and why they would build castles as part of Greek Week. However, after hearing last year what it actually was this year I knew I had to be out there to judge this year. Last night members of the Hofstra Greek community collected 12, 591 cans of food to donate to The INN. What an awesome accomplishment for the Hofstra fraternity and sorority community. Every year this Greek Week event is the largest one time donation The INN receives. This year was no different they outdid last year's collection by over 2,000 cans!! The event was exciting from beginning to end. Only three students per organization get to build the "castle" structure. They are judged on creativity, theme (Greek Week Around the World), oral presentation, and originality. Believe me there was creativity to go around. Groups integrated their country into the structure and presentation. Some were even able to connect their organization's mascot to the structure and this year's Greek Week Theme. The castles were small to large castle like to more design based and there were flags, globes, countries, monuments, skylines and more!

Delta Chi: representing the country of Portugal
AEPi: representing Israel
Students loading the INN truck after the event with the 12,591 cans!
I hope you get to join us for Greek Week events this year. The week started Tuesday with Opening Ceremonies, The Marathon, Songs of Love (co-hosted with Hofstra Hillel) and the Bowling event. There are many more events through Sunday evening when the winners will be announced after the Chariot event in the Hofstra USA parking lot. So, come out and support your friends in Greek Life or, just watch one of the most exciting week long events on campus! Hope to see you out there.

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