Friday, February 1, 2013

Get Involved!

“What is there to do at Hofstra?” “How can I get MORE involved than I already am?” These were the questions that plagued the minds of many students before entering the Multipurpose Room of the David S. Mack Student Center this week. Upon entering the double doors and hearing today’s hits spilling through the speakers, the students received their answers! During common hour on Wednesday, January 30, 2013, the Annual Spring Involvement Fair took place with over 75 clubs, organizations, fraternities and sororities. Each table held representatives who spoke enthusiastically about their group with eye catching posters, banners, awards, and brochures. 

Approximately 275 students attended at first with empty hands but left with flyers, giveaways, and excitement from various organizations from Hofstra Versus Zombies to Hofstra Goes for Gold to Inter-Fraternity Sorority Council. With the Spring semester underway, Hofstra students who may have thought it was too late to get involved found a plethora of opportunities to find a group that appealed to all types of interests! The question then became “What isn’t there to do at Hofstra?”

Didn’t get to attend? No worries! If you would like to discover all the ways to become part of the student clubs and organizations, please visit Collegiate Link on your Hofstra portal (go to My Apps and then click on the Collegiate Link icon) or go to OSLA’s website!

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