Tuesday, February 12, 2013

@ Your Library

Q:  Do you know what’s @ your library?
A:  Books.
LOL!  Okay, well, that’s true, but that’s just the start of it.
And, these days, it could be argued that might even be the least of it….

At your library you will find:

·         Print materials - including books, journals, newspapers, government documents, etc.

·         Multimedia

·         Curriculum materials

·         Rare books, archival materials, and special collections

But You’ll Also Find….

·         A portal to an electronic world filled with resources to expand your knowledge, spark your imagination, challenge your analytical skills and…. Finish that term paper!

For Hofstra University’s Library (HUL), miles are meaningless.  Libraries today are connected to resources around the globe.  Technological advances in the information world – and provided by the Library - means that information from an abundance of sources, in all sorts of formats, is just a few clicks away.

·         The ultimate in DIY resources.

Your library is your best "How To" resource.  We offer print handouts, as well as online guides and tutorials to help out the DIYer.  How to find government information, choose a research topic, cite resources in your paper – or even how to date??? (No, we can’t help you with that - but if you try our new OneSearch service, you can find an article entitled “39 Secrets of Successful Daters.”) — Yep, it's all @ your library!

·         Coaches, teammates & cheerleaders (a.k.a. Librarians).

Need a little more guidance?  With all that information out there and readily available to you, you might find yourself a little unsure of where to start…

Don’t turn to Google when it’s your education at stake.
Librarians are the ultimate search engine. They are trained experts in finding information, wherever it is — in books, in archives, on the Web.  They can guide you through the process of sifting through all that “stuff” and finding the most accurate, the most relevant information to get the job done – and done right!

In a world of information overload, librarians are information navigators — clearing a path, pointing you toward the information you need.

With your librarian as your coach, the power to succeed it at your fingertips.  Come in and let us help get you where you want to go.

Join us for one of our workshops to get started:  http://libcal.hofstra.edu/axinncalendar

-Dawn Romano, Electronic Services Coordinator, Axinn Library, Hofstra University 


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